Team 238 secretary here, just wondering if all teh teams out ther havea team song???

Ours for Team 238 is “We like to Party” by the venga boys


Team 869 Power Cord’s song is WE GOT the POWER!!!


I hope everyonehere knows the dance to the song…if not, just find anyone from team128…we can teach it fast!:smiley:


Three simple words, and some weird punctuation.

  1. ¡Olè!

  2. ¡Olè!

  3. (you guessed it) ¡Olè!

The song is Bouncing Souls - Ole - it’s a cover of the uber-popular euro-football anthem. It’s catchy =D


“Under Pressure” by ZZ Top



Ram Jam - Black Betty

we made friends with the DJ and he played it for one of our rounds and again after we won first!


This isn’t our official song. We never agreed on it but if we had one it would be the cha cha slide song. the DJ played it for us at the Canadian regional and it was great. That’s the song my team asks for all the time. Its a fun dance too. If you don’t know it learn it bc you don’t know what you’re missing.


Eye of the tiger Suvivor.


“Lowrider” by War. :smiley:

Cha Cha Slide is another one too.

  • Katie


We dont have a team song, so im going to speak out and say

In a godda da vida by Iron Butterfly!

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

Paranoid by Black Sabbath

im sure my team wont like me now…lol :smiley:

edit: As long as I have no disagrements from my team Its my call :smiley:


The OFFICIAL Team 188 song:

“Blizzard”, by Triplicate :smiley:

I’d post a link for you to download the song, but recently we’ve been having issues with webhosting.


I would say “Who Let The Dogs Out?” but I’d probably be beaten to death within seconds by my brother… Bill…


i dont know what its called but it goes something like this

da da da da da daaa AAAAAAAAA dadadada

watch out for the crazy 862ers screaming AAAAAAA in florida


We have 2 songs actually, when we are on the bus or a team meeting generally we will sing “lean on me” and we have also practice singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” completely acepella…other than that we are pretty much open for anything :slight_smile:


My team has it’s own music…I have no idea what the songs are called…But they are good…lol

I could go for a little Kylie or Darude right now…Time to use this 400w stereo now that my house is empty pats 178w woofer hehehehe


One team at the NYC regional (never actually saw who) actually put a pretty powerful stereo into their dolly. It was awesome - while waiting online, we hear the opening chords of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” on full power with tons of bass. By the looks of it, it was actually a car stereo system - cd player console, sub, speakers, and all.