team spirit tools...

Seriously The Sprit Team spent every Saturday making labels to put over the bottles and putting popcorn in them, and I help them. :mad:

Yeah cause we put popcorn kernels in ours.

Well even if we don’t have nosie makers we still have our voices, which are louder than any noisemarkers.

not true. we had a 120db air horn (with last years compresser) on our robot cart but we had to take it off :frowning: because our coach didnt want us to get introuble at vcu…

I don’t know, they could count popcorn kernels as food and disallow it. You would have to buy the arenas popcorn from their concession stand for a high price and use any kernel left in the bottom of the bag.

It doesn’t seem right but they have had some pretty tough rules on outside food and beverages.

As long as the noisemakers aren’t excessive they should be fine.

That’s kinda scary, 120-130 dB is the threshold of pain. So I can’t really blame your coach for making you take that off. Deafening other FIRSTers is frowned upon after all.

That’s stupid.

When we went to the Kettering Kickoff in sept. I had to go out the next day and get cough drops because I was screaming so much. I have to remeber to go out and buy some before our first out of state regonial.

Has anybody else had this problem.

Lets narrow the field a bit and instead ask “who hasn’t gotten a sore throat from cheering too much?” :smiley:

And I’m assuming ngreen’s post about popcorn was meant to be facetious, since it IS kinda silly.

well team 230 has worked their butts off this year for spirit…and they desided to bring me back hehe! im the viking mascot and im pumped up for atlanta…but this year we have some noisemakers (but of course they have been banned…but obviously nobody listend to that rule at the UTC Regional and its very disappointing after all the hard work :mad: ) but we also have some cheers we came up with…

If you were at STL or Midwest you heard the Cooney Quest Noisemakers, they are loud and rather annoying, we figured we would use them till we got yelled at, and we haven’t yet. We don’t use them during the matches, only during intros, scores, and other appropriate times. It did get a little crazy during the Midwest Finals, but that is expected. We have upped the number of them to almost 10, any one that was at STL or Midwest feel free to post on their annoyingness. :-p

No noisemaking devices whatsoever, I’m afraid. I’m sure atleast a few of these are also being banned for damaging the arenas. I can’t think that using drumsticks to bang on seats can be good for the seats. Ditto anything else you have to bang on parts of the arena.

Too bad they do not enforce the rules at my regional They had almost every single type noisemaker at SPBLI and they did not complain about food being brought in. I really did not care.

Well Doug (westfalia on CD) has a jembe and brought it to Chesapeake and Drexel and at neither one was it a problem, although it wasn’t played constantly and it wasn’t that loud compared to everything else…plus people probably think it’s just too cool to make him stop. Only when Drexel ended and the volunteers were disassembling the arena did they ask our team to stop…heh, but then again, we were kinda going crazy banging on it. That’s us for ya.

I have got three words for ya, kids:


This thing is freaking awesome. A member of our team spent over 90 hours constructing what can only be described as a visual masterpiece.

This mascot is made up of over 40 lbs of foam, and two three-foot tall stilts, and I had the huge pleasure of roaming the NYC regional with it on.

Look for it in Atlanta… as if you will be able to miss it L :cool:

Anyone know if I would be allowed to bring a guitar? Not a very loud guitar at all, and just to play the team theme, from the pit, when they wheel the bot onto the arena? I wouldn’t abuse it but, I thought it’d make it more interesting, and the team thinks it’s a cool idea. Anyone?

I have found that each regional is different when it comes to enforcing the noisemaker rules. Someone had a guitar this past weekend at Chesapeake. Just keep in mind that you probably won’t be able to hear it above the volume of the music, the announcer and the teams who are cheering. :smiley:

There is team spirit at the competitions (tons of team spirit at Chesapeake this week from many teams including a WONDERFUL volley across the arena between the alliances in the final match) and then there is the team spirit award:
DaimlerChrysler - Team Spirit
This award celebrates extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit through exceptional partnership and teamwork.

The award is not necessarily given to the team with the most spirit at that competition. I never realized it until I looked up the definition of the award this morning.

Some people started fussing me out because of our totem pole…but it showed up well on the big screen.