team spirit?

Hello, I want to know why don’t most teams have spirit, last year our team went to new york regionals for a change and only 3-4 teams has spirit? Just curious?

Not all FIRST teams think or act the same.
You have some teams that focus their strength on having a strong robot on the field.
You have teams that are strong in the FIRST community but are just OK at building robots,
And you have high energy spirited teams that are just a fun bunch to be around.
Not every team is like that due to size and team makeup (boy heavy teams tend to not like cheering with some exceptions). The best thing to do is to try and encourage them.

LOL. Well our team is made up of 36 guys and 7 girls i believe. We have alot of spirit. Well we also have some crazy lady screaming at the top of her lungs do that we can cheer too. But thanks that pretty much awnsered my question!

To team 191: I saw you guys last year because our team went to the long island regionals, just thought i would say hi and that was an awesome competition.

Personally, I think it’s the students that chooses on whether or not they’d want to make a fool out of themselves–just to have fun. Or maybe, it’s just something teams do not focus very hard on. But from personal experiences, our spirit usually depends each year on how spirited the students want to be.

It’s not a question of who has spirit. Everyone on the team has some degree of spirit. It’s more a question of who wants to take the initiative and show it?

From what I’ve seen, a good number of teams have 1-2 members that exude team spirit and get the group going. Other teams that are smaller than the ubber teams wait and use it at the right time.

So, yes there is team spirit but most of the time it is saved for when it is needed most.

It also helps if the mentors are a bit crazy themselves. Being open to new ideas (such as our kilts in 2003), shows a team that is comfortable with the “party atmosphere” that so many regionals have. Yes, it is still a competition, and you want your robot to do well, but it also is a celebration of accomplishment. Always make sure that you take the time to celebrate your accomlishments! Even if you do get a bit crazy (in a GP manner, of course)!

To me, being a spirited team isn’t necessary about dancing around and screaming your head off (although it could be). Spirit is having a positive, gracious, and professional attitude, and very team shows this friendly attitude and willingness to help in their own unique way.

Last year when we went to the long island regionals I saw alot of people sleeping and like going home once they were done with their matches that day :confused:

I lost my voice last year and I still haven’t found it…

when our team team 47 comes into most events people look and ask were the advil is we have 16 girls and about 14 boys we tend to be very loud and very energetic. we have a set time for everyone on a schedule that everyone has, and whoever is not busy at that moment is cheering and we are pretty much organized so we are kinda loud. BRING YOUR ADVIL OR TYLENOL THIS YEAR.!!! :ahh:

Wow more girls than guys, thats a bit surprising imho. Anyways, in team 59, if your not working on the robot, or on chief delphi forums comming up with strategies than your preparing your voice to scream, yell, and dance.

We win, we cheer.
We loose, we still cheer maybe even louder.
We’re not even playing, we cheer till we loose our voice.

This year we’re going to do something smart, we’re going to cheer a little bit on practice day to save our voices for the next days of competition.

The reason some teams don’t have alot of team spirit is because they think it is a worthless thing to do even if it does get your team moral up. And they have no life.

So… What’s the importance of having team spirit, and besides yelling and cheering, what else does team spirit do? (I’m a rookie :rolleyes: )

Team spirit is what makes the competition fun. I see other teams and they look so bored. We just scream, dance, and jump and have an awesome time doing it. Without team spirit that competition is rather boring and repetitive. Spirit is to show how proud you are of your robot. Even if you have an awesome robot or a basic robot when you cheer and dance it makes the FIRST experience alot funner. Most teams i guess don’t cheer because they are made of mostly guys. Ramtech is also mostly guys but we all know that cheering and having fun is what makes the competition fun and makes you want to go over and over again.

Two words: Infectious enthusiasm.

well, beside the whole part that there’s an award for Spirit (thats really not important in reality… thats just a nice bonus if you win it), having Team Spirit sort of unifies the team. it gets you all together to cheer on your Drive Team and your Pit Crew, and its a great excuse to just let loose and have fun. You’ve worked SO HARD to built this robot… now’s your chance to just have fun. trust me, when you’re being spirited (yelling, cheering, bodypainting, running around, starting a congo line or limbo or even twister) you meet a lot of new people that way and make new, amazing friends that you would have never met otherwise.

having team spirit has a lot to do with the disposition of people on your team… usually if you’ve got more laid-back people, they’re less likely to jump up and do the cha-cha slide than if you’re with a team with a lot of rambunxious high-energy kids. usually that energy from other teams transfers over, but think of it as being personally up to you to bring the party and get everyone to stand up and have some fun. :slight_smile: Spirit is all about gracious professionalism and having fun… its about cheering people on, whether it be for your own team or the opposing alliance or for some team you’re good friends with or some rookie team who honestly has no idea whats going on.

Don’t worry, you’ll understand once you finally get to a competition. its the most fun and rewarding experience you could ever imagine, and those three days will probably be near (if not at) the top of your list of favorite memories for your entire high-school career. :slight_smile:

hey, team spirit is having fun without bashing other teams. There is an award for team spirit at the Granite State Regionals. Sometimes a team that doesn’t do so well in terms of the robot, wins this award because they cheer for other teams with alot of enthusiasm.
after every FIRST competition i’ve been to I’ve lost my voice by the end. :smiley:
dancing, hanging out with other FIRST peeps, and just having fun is what I love about the competitions. Winning helps with the fun factor alot but is not necessary.

The extent of our team spirit are 2 foam board signs that say “Bay Shore 271” on them that usually stay on the floor at competitions. Here, we believe that if you are not working on coding, driving, or operating, you should sit down and scout. It’s what I did last year, and I had a great time. Why not tone down the screaming and help your team gather information? There is nothing better for your team than to work for it.

Basically what we do on our team is that most of the team is out in the stands screaming and cheering and a team 4-5 people goes scouting. We only do scouting on thursday with an occational scouting during the actual competition.

I see where youre coming from, but on my team we MUST have flawless scouting or else theres hell to pay. we are supposed to scout every robot every match and average up every single robot in order to have a perfectly averaged inspection. When qualifying matches are over, we have every team in order from “best” to “worst”. We really have no time to cheer at all.