team spirit?

I guess every team is quite different. We have a huge team of 43 members so I guess that leaves alot of people. Last year our scouting wasn’t very strong but this year it is very strong. Well we also have a crazy lady that screems her head off and then we all do. She doesn’t let us sit down. It is funny because last year some kid fell asleep at the competition and she got mad! lol. I wish you good luck at regionals!!

From what I know about my team this year, we have a morale manager. I’ll see how that goes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its very easy to do both. This year we’re going to work on Intel and Spirit. On practice day we plan to gather intel and such while the pit crew and drive team practice their skills. On the actual competition days we’re going to cheer while they play, after they play, dance a bit a few times, maybe a congo line or two that I plan on starting. And when we’re not doing any of that I’ll bring my scout team down and walk around saying “Hi” and such making sure everyone is doing ok with their bots. So you can easily gather intel (information) about the other teams and have team spirit that day too! :slight_smile:

Depends on what qualifies as team spirit… I entered the thread expecting a lot of talk about what people wear/having mascot.

The social spirit part isn’t quite my thing… I’d much rather be watching what’s going on around me than be shouting like crazy (though it’s fun at times). And no, watching != scouting :p. On the other hand, my team this year is full of a LOT of crazy people. Certainly crazy enough to name the robot Mango (changed to Mongo…), for they outnumber us sane folk :wink: They also choose completely random colors for tshirts this year…

As for items and whatnot, I can think of several things that I’ve seen:
-Beach balls in the audience
-Apparel other than shirts

My team has a flag and headbands with our team logo printed on it. A mascot would be sweet (a samurai), but our duct tape man isn’t too bad (cape, trench coat, spazziness, etc.). I’ve got to make a gazillion more of the headbands this week (vacation week). I do bemoan the fact that colors are inconsistent… The flag is purple (school color)… so are the bumpers… and somehow, everyone voted the shirts to be silver on blue :confused:

(purple flag, white headbands, blue/silver tshirts… eww?)

my team is not really large enough to have effort used for showing spirit but maybe this year since we are slightly larger we may have a very small spirit group maybe…

Being spirited isn’t just for big teams going for an award.
Do it because it’s fun.
You don’t need to be big to do that.

oh believe you me we have fun we come up with weird names and everything but we don’t really spend much time roaring and cheering in the stands…

hmm 1568 was composed of mostly 7 memeber (high school students) 4 ovoisly were the drive team, one was always in pit sometimes 2, if not than the other was scouting, since we had a few problems the team was in pit. the 7th our programmer was always looking for better codes to write and it worked…we were able to drop and sometimes cap as well…this year the team has grown slightly but weve also lost 2 members to college, myself included…however out sprit was showed, there were signs held up while 1568 was on the clock…

so, some teams dont have spirit mainly because they are 2 small

Sometimes it’s hard to be sprited, I am the spirit un-official leader, but if the team is having a bad day then sometimes people really dont want to cheer. An award should never be the motivation behind cheering or else it isnt genuine. If you have one or two people on your team that are spirited then it will usually (at least on 341) catch on and people will start getting into it. If you ar a small team it is helpful to have as many people in the stands as you can afford especially if it is your match. At regionals we kick most of the people out of the pit when we are in a round and everyone goes to the stands. Being spirited is something that can’t really be forced. it just has to happen, maybe with some encouragement!

We had a team come over during the Championship and asked if we would cheer for them. They had a small group in the stands (about 6), and their competition team could never hear them cheer due to the overall crowd noise. So, we joined in with them, and their competition team looked up in the stands shocked. Don’t hesitate to ask a larger or more vocal team to help if you are smaller. Just don’t ask it when they are competing against you!

While cheering is often a measure of “team spirit”, it isn’t the only one. I patricularly enjoy those teams who form the “gauntlet” at the escalator as you arrive at the Championship. They wish everyone entering the Georgia Dome “Good Luck” and high-five you as you pass. That just starts the day and the tournament off right. It gets extended by teams like TJ^2 (88), who run around with their water bottle rattles and encourage their whole division to “pump it up”. Then the teams who pass out or trade their trinkets with other teams. Or teams that help other teams in the pits improve a robot that will be competing against them. There are so many other acts of GP that make up the “spirit of a team” beyond cheering, and I hope the judges take these additional acts into consideration.

Some teams view the events as the “Measure of their accomplishments”, and concentrate on how their robot qualifies. But, the teams who view the events more as the “celebration of their accomplishments”, are the teams who tend to show the greatest spirit. Something that Woodie acknowledges at the start of every event, when he says “Everyone who attends is already a winner.”

Yes I agree with you our accomplishments our in the build period and the competition is our chance to share them. I wish that all teams shared this view. Well anyway good luck to you and all other competing teams and remember to always display gracious professionalism and to all those who don’t I pity you for you will receive little to no aid should you need it…

Team 1733 would like to borrow those teams that have spirit as we only have 7 students attending the event and those 7 expect to be in the Boston Regional pits. :smiley:

You are lucky, you have TJ^2 at the Boston Regional. That team was “Born to Cheer”! Go over to them and ask them to help you, you will find they are very gracious in their cheering encouragement. Get to meet MOE, one of their mentors. That is one crazy guy!
(Not to be confused with our MOE, or Big MO from Detroit.)

ou are lucky, you have TJ^2 at the Boston Regional. That team was “Born to Cheer”

I’ll agree

Yes they certainly were they went to our regionals last year we were seated next to them and boy did they make themselves heard. my head ached incurably for hours after the competition even the next morning Tylenol no longer stopped the pain although I will admit it did numb the pain slightly

I wish my team…180 S.P.AM. was going to the Boston Regional…but :frowning: … the good news is: another Floridian team will be there…233…Think Pink…they are awesome …full of team spirit and infectious…you can’t miss them…their color is pink :cool: … the guys wear pink body paint… and their bot is pink…look them up.

Team spirit is really…having fun…if it means the team line dance…mentors dancing…all of this is in good natured and harmless fun :stuck_out_tongue: …it does connect the team and the participants of the regional.

Good luck to you. If you are going to Atlanta…look us up…especially if you need something…we bring everything on the bus. :slight_smile:

look us up RAMTECH might not have been there last year but we are gonna be there this year soo come to use!! just looks for some a whole bunch of people (around 40) jumping and screaming!!! number 59.


I tattoo’ed myself for this team.