Team Standard Question

My team has designed a team standard for the season. It will be two-sided, and the two sides will look like this:

This picture shows what the standard’s dimensions will be:

What would be the best medium to print this standard on, and how should we go about transferring this design onto that material? Should we even transfer it ourselves, or should we order it? If so, where should we order it from?

We printed our standard on cloth at a local maker space. It was printed on a cotton fabric, sort of like a soft canvas. Came out nice.

They used a 18" wide spool of the fabric and after printing we trimmed and hemmed up the standard.

If you make a double sided standard, does it HAVE to be the same on both sides?

If you’re strictly looking to print something, you could try an iron-on kit. You can pick up the paper at many craft stores. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you could always cut the design out and glue, sew, or use iron-interfacing to attach everything.

This standard was cut out and glued together.

Also, no they do not have to be the same on both sides!

If you get your T-shirts made at a print shop, you could ask them to screen print one, if you buy some fabric. They should already have your artwork on file, or you can give them new artwork. As for the sewing, if you have nobody that has the ability to sew something like this together, you should see if there is a shop nearby that will do it (you could even see if they will do it for free for you, in return for being recognized as a sponsor).

I would recommend that you take this to a local t-shirt company and have it silk screened. Since it is a monochromatic design that would probably be the easiest way to do it.

No, most teams are doing something different on either side.