Team Standings Screen on FIRST website

Does anybody notice this year they changed how the standing screen looks? Try this as an example.

This is what I think the symbol means based on FMS Twitter Feed.

QS - Qualification Score
HP - Hybrid Points
BP - Bridge Points
TP - Teleop Points
CP - Coopertition Points

I am assuming these will be cummulative alliance scores that each team was part of. It is more information but what I really want is this information for each match so I can calculate the OPR before penalty. I guess I will have to get that information from FMS Twitter Feed directly.


2363 has built a scouting application which we plan to distribute during the VA and NC regional. Can you provide a tutorial on how to pull FMS Twitter Data and then lessons learned in computing your OPRs? It will be our intention to build this into our scouting application.



You are going to Week 3 and Week 6 events so there is some time. I am going to watch Kettering this weekend, write a program to read FMS Twitter Data, compute OPR both ways and see what it means.

I also need to proofread all awards submission and judges presentation of our team, finish the Bill of Material, finish working on the practice robot so it will lower the bridge and cross the barrier, finish calibrating the shooting from different parts of the field, work with the programmer to start writing the hybrid code, open the bag for two hours to work on the competition robot during our 6 hours of access period, finish doing the pit scouting sheets, train the scouting team how to collect data for the matches and general preparation for our Week 2 district event at Waterford, and may be sleep a little in between.

Yes I will work on it, but I cannot promise to write a tutorial step by step how to do it. If the program I write is general enough that will work in all situations, I don’t mind sharing it with you, as long as you modify it on your own if something does not work and not come back and tell me it does not work in some situations. I will be writing it in VBA. To get it to the point where it will work in most cases without any manual massaging of the data is going to be time consuming and I don’t think I will have time to finiish that this weekend. It is more like a long term project based on other commitments I have. I will try my best.

A couple years ago I wrote some Python scripts to grab the tweets and dump the pieces of data to a MySQL database or CSV file. You can download them at You are welcome to use them in any way you want.