Team Storage

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post, but I have an interesting solution to a growing problem.

Our team is having trouble fnding space to store all our stuff during the offseason. The school has been gracious in providing us some room during build, but because the storage we use is a science’s teachers prep room, and the supervisors offices…we will get kicked out sometime in march.

I was thinking, isn’t there an over abundance of these cargo ship trailers? Pic:

wouldn’t it be interesting if FIRST could somehow work with the yards that collect these trailer things and somehow reconvert it to a trailer that can be used by teams?
I mean, self storage places are getting expensive…and so is renting a Uhaul everytime you gotta lug spare wood and the robot back to school

Wouldn’t this also be an environmentally friendly project too?

Anyone interested in looking into this with me?