Team structure during off-season vs build season

I’m part of a fairly large team. And was wondering how other teams structure their build season. During off-season we have subgroups like Cad, tech, business, programming, and electrical. However I don’t feel as though this works for build season. So how do other teams structure themselves for build season?

Lots of great topics on this exist, especially with teams logging their progress on build season long threads over the past few seasons (think open alliance). I suggest you start there and see what other teams have done in the past. You stated you are from a large team and a quick look at the Blue Alliance page for 1747 shows the team is capable of some good results, so do what works best for your team as it seems to be working. It is always good to look outward for inspiration - “Steal from the best invent the rest”.

A quick search on CD reveals a lot of topics covering this matter :


Thank you. New to all of this so still learning thank you for the advise

Why not? On my team, people [loosely] adhere to subteams (chassis, field elements, mechanical, programming, electrical) during build and it works pretty well.

Ok that makes a lot of sense. The thing with us is we adhere to strictly so like a cad kid can’t go into tech unless they are specifically tech

Oh, yeah, I see how being strict about it can hinder build progress. For us what usually happens is that each student officer gets put in charge of some part of the build process, and team members choose what to work on independently. We strongly encourage team members to stick to their subteam, but switching is okay—and sometimes it just happens naturally, for example, the chassis/field elements subteams finish up in the first couple weeks and their members move on to other aspects of build.

I think you’ll find there are a lot of different ways out there for teams to structure their build and how they split up tasks. Each team can find the methods that work well for them, and refine them to fit their needs. I would say that my team emphasizes being cross-functional - it’s a goal for how we operate the team.

Sure, a lot of team members choose to specialize in one things (code, CAD, electrical) but if we have an urgent project that needs addressed or they want to try something new for awhile, they switch as log it doesn’t create a job backlog elsewhere. Most team members work in both tech and non-tech subfields. (i.e. business + electrical, code + outreach)