Team Swag? What are you giving out?

Our team has a few surprises in regards to what we intend to give out this year…I will say though…they glow!

What are ya’ll planning to give out this year?

Team 818 is giving out the usual magnets and buttons, but we have 1 new thing that unfortunately does not glow (at least I think it doesn’t). Sorry, no more bracelets or Tape Measures (AFAIK)…

We are planning on giving out buttons and possibly some screwdrivers and maybe keychains with 80/20 extrud Al pieces

Not MAYBE keychains with 80/20 extruded Al pieces, DEFINATELY keychains. I have volunteered to cut smallish scraps of 80/20 into even smaller pieces and make keychains. :slight_smile: The mentors wanted to discard valuable materials, but Erik and I couldn’t let that happen!

we have buttons made from plaster dust and also the generic buttons

Buttons, beads, glow bracelets, and SAFETY VESTS!!! :smiley:
we only have enough saftey vests for one per team per regional though.

Buttons and red carabiners.

188 has buttons and new for this year, 8 glowing trophies for each event. If we make it to Championships we will have to get busy and make some trophies for there also.

As usual, 1089 has collectable, game-themed buttons. Three versions this year, so make sure you get one!

We did the glow sticks for a giveaway in the past, but they were poor quality and most of them cracked before we got any good use out of them.

the usual like the buttons and stickers will be there but we will also be releasing several limited edition buttons inspired by jack sparrow and of course monty python, these will be given out in small numbers, like say 10 or so at chesapeake and cleveland, they may or may not be first come first serve, so bring a pretty good reason with you

171 will be doing buttons and blinking lights again this year as far as I know.

We’re planning on handing out yellow safety hardhats to teams that practice safety. At our booth we’re having buttons and material from our sponsors.:slight_smile:

Buttons, lanyards, key chains, bumper stickers and a few trophies to a few deserving teams.

330 will be giving out newly designed pens.

Hey I wasn’t going to let it happen either, and it was only one mentor but he didn’t know how much the stuff cost through away 15inch plus pieces that we can at least used the pieces for testing stuff out. We convinced him for now. But it is fun to see what all the teams have as giveaways.

We are going to give away more MAYHEM bouncy balls again.

my team is giving out a little talon goodie bag or lil bag-o-swag

its got

red zip ties
flag holder ( how many teams forgot to make one ?)
flashing light thingy
little tool kit key chain thing
team 540 carabiner
MIsc. papers and brochures on team 540

I think its pretty cool and this is the first time my team has done this

Exploding Bacon has our pig pens…for Overdrive and this year we will be giving out sunscreen…we are in Florida and everyone gets fried.

2" Velcro would make great swag this year :wink: