Team switching?

Can a person switch teams if they really wanted to?

In the middle of a build season, or from year to year?

I’m not so sure in the middle of build season. To me it seems like that would highly depend on the team and their opinions on it, whether they’ll accept you or not.

As far as from year to year, I have experience on that… If you switch usually the teams will be accepting and there won’t be a problem. Paperwork wise it’s like you’re starting over as your first year.

But do understand this- if you are switching teams and you can possibly stay with your own, make sure it is what you want to do, make sure that YOU are alright with making the switch. Also, try to get to know the team you want to join before you go so you know you are comfortable coming into the team. Having friends and making the new team your family is key, otherwise it will be awkward and drive you away. Don’t expect to come into the new team and have a high position. You will have to work your way up into the team and show them your skill before they give you the same advantages you once had.

I’ve switched teams twice. Before the 2009 season I came to school in a city away from home so I joined the team there. I managed to be in a leadership position right away because I was the only student who had experience and showed interest in CAD. The team grew to be part of my family but at the same time with things that changed in my life, my grades suffered greatly and the stress was tremendous (went to a harder school and still did robotics full time). For 2010 I went back to my home team, I worked on weekends and built the website. I switched not only because of the work loads but also because I have a wonderful relationship with my home team, so much more than the team that I joined in '09. I found over the summer and every time I went home for breaks I would visit the shop and the people there for no reason. I had the opportunity to re-join my home team so I did because of this. I still have a powerful relationship with the team I joined in '09 and I still love to hang with them.

So my greatest suggestion, be comfortable with your choice. There shouldn’t be a problem switching teams from year to year, you may get odd looks, especially if you switch back and forth, but it is possible.

thank you for the advice, i will take all of those things into consideration.

Out of curiosity, why are you switching teams?

a VERY aggravating season

There is no rule prohibiting this. Thanks for not airing any dirty laundry about your team in public, but I would suggest you think carefully about your decision and why you want to make it. If you’d like, send me a PM and I’d be happy to discuss any problems you might be having with your team.

Sometimes an aggravating season is the most educational.