Team Tators 2015 Code Release

Too long; didn’t (or won’t) read: here’s the link:

We have decided to publish our code. We like our code. Our code is good. We’d like to use parts of our code in the future. We’d like the Chief Delphi community to look at our code, use it, learn from it, become one with it, perhaps criticize it. (Though why would you ever do that?!)

As one of our seniors put it, “Wow this is some cool code for you!” I couldn’t have put it more eloquently.

Some background: The pesky programming team always comes up with a name for our robot and its code. The mechanical team does their own thing. Whatever.

Notable names:

  • 2013 competition robot: TatorBot (like robot, but with Tator; I’m not that creative)
  • 2014 competition robot: Spudnik (like Sputnik, because Russian and Potato and haha xexe)
  • 2014 offseason robot: Potatopult (like Catapult, because Potato and hahaha)
  • 2015 competition robot: Kartoshka (literally “potato” in Russian, because Russian and haha)

We have taken the Russian theme and ran with it. This year, our code has “themed” comments, and classes with names such as Kremlin. It’s funny. We had fun.

I have never heard of themed code…

Well, we had to call it something. Perhaps peruse the code. You’ll see what we mean.


 * Gets how far from communism you have turned
 * @return How far from communism in degrees
double GetAngle();

 * Resets angle to straight communsim
void ResetAngle();

 * Makes sure communism sensor is calibrated (zerod)
void StartGyroCalibration();

 * Forces gyro to be calibrated or else...
void FinishGyroCalibration();

We named a subsystem after a team member who didn’t show up after week 2… We also like to name our variables with a lot of precision, and inverted boolean values, to mess up with the other programmers

boolean True = false

Glad to hear we had two sneaky programmed robots on our alliance!

Looks good! You guys had one heck of a robot this year. I know for a fact that our team, Up-A-Creek, really enjoyed competing with you guys at Utah. We hope to see you guys at IRI!