Team Terminators looking for spare parts

Hello everyone! We are Team Terminators, the first Rookie team from Greece. After submitting a thread requesting help for our Rookie season, we were advised to ask for spare parts from other teams. These parts will be used to train our team members in the programming and mechanical part of the competition.

Therefore, we are kindly asking all of you to provide us parts such as motors, pneumatics, or any other part you think might be helpful for pre-season training at a discounted price or even better donate it to our team. We would like you to invite you to contact Team Terminators, if you are interested in donating some parts or offering then at a lower price.

Please note that teams that help us in preparing for the FRC Competition will be featured in our team’s website.

Thank you all for helping spread the FRC in a new country!

Contact Information:
Team Email: [email protected]
You can also PM me or theevankassos for any additional information.

I sent you a pm would love to expand our outreach to help a fellow team

I believe Blaze Robotics has a site for something like this. Not sure how well it’s used but here check it out:

As far as I know, it’s not very well used, which is unfortunate. AFAIK the only request currently on there is one from my team for Vex Pro Timing Belts. :wink:

Send the developer a PM if you want more info. His account is nickbrickmaster.