Team Terminators Support Sign-Up

Hello everyone!

We are Team Terminators (Team 6839), the first and only Greek FRC Rookie Team from Karditsa, Greece. After a successful FLL season, our team decided to take things to the next level and complete in the 2018/2019 FRC season.

As we go into 2018 Pre-Season and prepare for our 2019 Rookie Year, we are looking for teams or individual mentors who are willing to help our team in any way. Thus, we are kindly asking you to complete a sign-up form to help us organize things a little bit better.

You may find the form by following this link: Please do not hesitate to contact me or our Lead Mentor Leonidas Kassos at his email address [email protected]. Again, we are very grateful for your eagerness to help Team Terminators!

Wishing you a happy New Year and an amazing Build Season,
Evangelos Kassos
Student Team Leader, Team Terminators

Up early, for here, to watch the kickoff but these came to mind…


The search tool on Chief Delphi is a good thing to use… a lot.

There are others like a 24 hour call center but not quite awake nor time.



Have a great season…