Team Theme Songs

All righty… we have had threads about, Team Quotes, Robot Names, Team Names… ect. One that I have not seen asked yet is “Team Them Songs”. Kind of how a movie usally has one main them song to it? well how many teams out there have one? you know, you sit back and you hear a song and your like “hey that describes my robotics team” or a song that your team can allude to. When I was back on 59 during the 2001 season our song was Tub thumping by Chambawamba… lol

Wake Up- Rage Against the Machine

I don’t know, but I think the whole melody can explain this year.

We enjoy Survivor - “Eye of the Tiger” Our rookie year we won a finals match while that song was being played and this year we won a finals match where that song was being played.

“it’s the eye of the tiger it’s the thrill of the fight risin’ up to the challenge of our rival…”

i think our team’s theme is either hoobastank - crawling in the dark, the beverly’s hills cop theme, or the Mission Impossible Theme.

Woburn band Triplicate’s Blizzard, available here. It’s written by Justin, J 188 on these forums, for our team.

Beat that :smiley:

We made a whole cd of songs that fit the fire motif for our team, the Firebirds. Our main theme song you could say was “Come on Baby Light my Fire” by the Doors. But we realized how annoying that song is and much to long to bear. I think at the moment we dont have a set theme song but you will always find us using our mad dancing skills in the pits to “Get Busy” by Sean Paul or “Ignition” by R. Kelly. THey dont relate to the Firebirds except for the fact we just cant get enough of those songs!

Surfin’ USA by the beach boys (Redondo Beach gets a mention in there :D)

#1020’s theme song is probably ‘We’re the Monkees’ by the Monkees… bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Official Team Song: Disco Inferno (Burn Baby Burn)
Unofficial Team Song: I Will Survive

This was at least during my year 2001-2002. They were on our team CD that we passed out to everyone and were quite fitting. Burn Baby Burn in allegience with our team name HartBurn and then I Will Survive since I think we did really go through anything that could go bad. <oh man, having flashbacks of all the guys randomly busting into I will Survive…ALL BUILD SEASON!!!>

The theme to Pirates of the Carribean, in Disney[land/world].

o/~ Yo, ho! Yo, ho! A pirate’s life for me! o/~

Our official unofficial song is the Hampster Dance.

Our theme song is either Spam by Save Ferris or Weird Al, though it depends who you ask. Most of the guys want the one by Save Ferris to be our song because the girl’s “like totally hot.” rolls eyes James Jones, however, is one of the biggest Weird Al fans I’ve ever met (Stacey tells me they had their first date at the Weird Al movie who’s name I cannot remember atm), so he would vote for the second. The chorus from the skit about spam in Monty Python’s also randomly sung and is what plays when both Warren and my’s laptops are started, so perhaps that’s really it. Oh well…maybe someone really knows the answer.

2001: Jay-Z - Change the game
2002: Eminem - Kill you/ Camron - Welcome to New York City
2003: Ludacris, Mystical, and I-55 - Move ***** / 50 cent ft Biggie - The Realest/ Sean Paul - Get Busy

Our team used “Only the strong survive” last year… thanks to Vince (one of our engineers who is obsessed with anything and everything Elvis) The Rocky theme was pretty cool too…. We chose them both for the “strength” of our wings… (Cough-cough)

This year we had a version of Weird Al’s “Harvey the Wonder Hamster” song which was “Tippy the Wonder-bot” I have to say he didn’t tip THAT much…. But it was fun to sing.

There is always the cheer and the stick-clapping rythem too… but eveyone knows that.

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**Our official unofficial song is the Hampster Dance. **

:D!!! yaay!!
um… i’m not sure if we have theme song, but random eighties songs rock!!! although now i think we’re leaning towards rap too… hehe

ComBBAT’s is “BT - Revolution” The song is talking about technology advancing into the future and the “revolution” of computers and everything coming forth into the world, and throughout the song they say “ComBBAT, Better prepare to bust back!” It’s a good song you should listen to it.

WHO DAT BBAT!!! COMBBAT! :slight_smile:

Chances are high that RoboCards don’t, and never had one, but if so, I think actually every team would have this song:

They Might Be Giants - “Robot Parade”

[Thanks to Abi for the song ;)].

We go crazy over a song called Tunak tunak tun… It’s my favorite song but I forget who sings it…

Ours is “Bad Boys”… the line “Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?” seems to fit the FEDS theme.

Our official song is Kryptonite by Three Doors Down, an obvious selection.