Team Themes

How many teams have seen success with a unifying, coherent theme? I’ve seen some in my team’s regional (The New Victorians, Motto: For Queen and Country), but I’d like to see outside of the Pacific Northwest (and California and Idaho and Montana…).

We are anything but coherent… WildStang and tie dye, we can’t even color inside the lines. The one year we strayed away from tie dye no one could find us.

The Killer Bees! We’re Bees from top to bottom…

  1. antennae on our hats
  2. bright yellow shirts (we’re very particular about the shade of yellow we use)
  3. black bottoms
  4. robot always covered in honeycomb
  5. team motto: “Teamwork keeps the hive alive.”
  6. mascot: Buzz
  7. our cheers:
    “Kill, kill, killer bees”
    “B-E-E-BUZZ-Killer Bees”
    …sometimes we just buzz…

And our fun has paid off…we’ve won the Imagery Award twice at Worlds.

Gus Robotics Team 228 has the official colors of orange/charcoal grey, incorporates a fire theme, and the team mascot is Fuego (it means fire in Spanish). Our logo incorporates all of these:

Our website team this year is also working on a redesign of our website theme to better reflect the current team / 501©3 organization status. Sneak preview: