Team THRUST (1501) 2007 Robot

Team THRUST lifting one robot:

Lifting two robots:

Both robots are fully functional and at full weight.
We use two 12" stoke cylinders and two 100 pound gas struts.
We lift to 13.5" in 4 seconds.
We have two outriggers that lock down.

Enjoy :smiley:

Aren’t the 12" stroke cylinders illegal?

2" bore, 12" stroke is legal.

Here is anotheer video clip from our Ship Party!

Sidewinder definetly wasn’t meant for our new robot. We had to have a couple people lift it up and put it on the ramp. Scorpion did a lot better of getting on. Now if the ball shooter only worked.


HELLOooo from the North East :smiley:
Well done looks great :yikes: good luck Seee Yaaaa in GA
MOE and TEAM 88 TJ2

Well done!

Those are the best ramps I’ve seen in action so far.

Our ramps are 2.5" high and have angled entry surfaces of 16 and 19 degrees, which should make our ramps an easy climb for the vast majority of the robots in this years competition.

Here’s another video showing how we deploy our ramps:

Here’s another video of how we use our ramps to pick up dates :smiley: :smiley:

Here is a video of our robot in action at the Boilermaker Regional.

That was awesome! Nice job guys.

That’s our 2.5 robot lift :ahh: Any other team, besides Team 45, could not have done that. They have brakes on the wheels that kept them on our wings.