Team Titanium 1986 '09 Robot

Well I guess it is safe to release a few videos for everyone to see. If you haven’t seen our robot/catapult yet, check it out here:

Anyway, here are a few links to videos.

This first video shows the catapult throwing over 30 feet. It might be hard to believe from the angle, but I can assure you all that it is.

This video is a close-up of the catapult. You can get a better idea of how it works. We don’t have the elevator turned so you can’t see it loading.

The final video shows the consistency of the catapult. It’s only slow in this video because we are loading it manually and taking our time.

Well I hope you enjoyed these. Feel free to check out our other videos as well. And watch out for us at Kansas City and 10,000 Lakes.

A very different design than what I would have imagined. I don’t think anyone else has taken the long range approach. How are you guys managing to line up the catapult in a match?

I guess I forgot to talk about that. Our main strategy is driving to the outpost during autonomous, then launching the 4 empty cells to our corners so that the super cells are ready to go.

As far as aiming, we have the camera tracking the trailers if needed, but rely on human control mostly. I think we are trying to measure distance with the camera as well, so it’s possible that we will have the camera do all of the calculations and have a human firing. But right now, a controller for the catapult does everything as far as aim, distance, and shooting.

wow that’s one cool strategy for you guys, might work very well…

I must say that it’s not a strategy i would think about…

How are you planning to track the payload station so you can shoot balls there. and more importantly, what are your thoughts about standing in place for pretty long periods of the game, while other robots will try getting you filled with balls while you are standing in place and shooting empty cells?

We have a switch on the control panel with two predetermined angles that will match the angles of the corners from the outpost. And the catapult is very quick so we will not be in place for long, 10 seconds at most.

It will be interesting to see how it turns out for the actual competition though.