Team Titanium 1986 Omnidirectional Drivebase

Some video of early testing (1/19) of our omnidirectional drivebase for this season.

Looks fantastic! Any details or do we have to wait until your reveal?

Not Swerve(!) and very well executed - nice!

I don’t think it’s swerve. You can see either an omni or mecanum wheel at 0:25. I would guess some type of hybrid drive.

The slightly slower sideways speed would lead me to the same conclusion.

It looks like they have 4 wheels on the left and right, then 2 wheels on the front and back. They all appear to be omni wheels. Which means that it has a total of 12 wheels on it. Pause it at around 1:21-1:22 to see them.

The sound of the drivebase as it moves in different directions gives a good indication that the forward/back and side/side motions are independent, so looks like omni wheels. Based on freeze frames, goodness… 12 wheels?

My big questions: Any tricks needed to keep all of the driving wheels planted evenly? Surely you have solutions for dealing with the bump. And, what kind of driver input did you guys settle on?

Seems to work well! Year of the omnidirectional robots.

I would love to see this bot with a Halo-AR driver interface.

I had to look up what AR stood for. Finally came to Auto Rotate instead of Assault Rifle. :slight_smile: That is an interesting one joystick method for field-centric control. If I understand it correctly it would always adjust to point the robot’s intake in whatever direction the robot is moving. Not a solution for every situation, but a viable option for some.

Right now we are trying to think through how using a robot-centric camera to aid the driver in blind areas of the field would mesh with a field-centric driver input. Whatever we decide our drivers are eager to log the hours needed to master the controls. It’s been years (2008, 2010) since we’ve done an omni-directional drive-train, and this thing is just fun to drive.


Not a solution for every situation, but a viable option for some.

Oh I agree. It could be just one of several button-selectable modes.

this thing is just fun to drive.

I can see that from the video. It’s what made me think of auto rotate, imagining that bot snaking its way smoothly and effortlessly around those obstacles.


Me too.

Lookin’ good, guys! Can’t wait to see the rest of the green machine at Arkansas!

It definitely sounds like “forward” is on CIMs and “sideways” is on a weaker motor (Bag? BB?) Either way, the thing looks hella smooth to drive and I’m interested to figure out a way to see it. (Sad that y’all aren’t competing in KC :frowning: )

Also, love the use of the main battery plus 4 other batteries for ballast.

This configuration is called the Orlando Special (technically it’s the Quadruple Orlando Special as 4 extra batteries are being used).

Took me a minute. Too soon?


It does go over the bump, quite smoothly.

Not entirely settled.

AR doesn’t mean “assault rifle”. AR stands for armalite

Doesn’t AR stand for Augmented Reality? That’d be a much cooler control scheme and driver interface…

Actually just 3 extra, one is in use.

Can’t wait to play with you guys at Queen City.