Team Titanium 1986 Robot Reveal for 2016 Stronghold

Team Titanium’s robot, Stanley, for the 2016 Stronghold competition.


Absolutely love it.

Another fantastic robot from you guys!

What a beast.

You guys have been building beastly robots for a while… ever since I saw you guys at the Newton division in 2013 I’ve always been waiting to see your next product!

Holy autonomous. Having that many different modes will be a HUGE advantage throughout most every part of the season. What an incredible machine. Best of luck.

Eerily similar to 118’s robot this year, with a different climber. Another great robot!

Looking good guys! Looks like we wont be the only member of the 20 plus auton modes club at smoky mountain week 5. Look forward to seeing you there and hopefully we will finally get to share the same side of the alliance glass this year. :wink:

Great Robot as always. Saw you guys at your open house and you didn’t have the climber on there yet. Good to see that I was right that some kind of mechanism was in the works. It looks to be quite efficient as always good luck in KC and at Smokey Mountain.

Awesome robot all around. Great to see a CDF and Portcullis autonomous!

As always, what a robot. Titanium knocks it out of the park again.

Sad that we won’t get to play with you guys until Champs at the earliest. Good luck at your events and we’ll for sure see you in the off-season.

This intake/catapult/defense arm configuration is my favorite design approach this year, and you guys completely nailed reducing it to the simplest components to do the job well. You seem to do it for every game… fantastic design again!

Wow, that auton is spectacular. This robot is beautiful. I love the versatility of your autonomous mode, and the way your mechanisms passively handle most of the defenses, as well as the smoothness with which you drive over even the roughest defenses.

Does your autonomous cheval-de-frise crossing actively detect when you have approached the defense, or do you just drive a set distance and hope it’s right?

Fantastic job, I’m looking forward to seeing this great robot play (even if I only get to watch it on webcasts from college).

The CDF edge is detected by a sensor on the tip of the manipulator. The crossing is automated, even in teleop.

I thought it looked that way, but I wasn’t sure. That’s an awesome system!

How are you getting multiple release angles out of the catapult? Is it done using only the solenoids?

No. The catapult is driven by two stacked pairs of cylinders. In the close range shot, only one pair is used, in the long range shot, both pairs fire simultaneously. The two shot ranges overlap, so our resulting range is full.

Love the use of 4 tape measures! Are they the fat max kind?

Surprisingly, no. We found some even more rigid.

…100% taking a close look at this robot when it comes to Greater KC. 25 different auto modes? What madness is this?

We realized later it was 27, but that would sound far fetched. :smiley: