Team Titanium 1986 Robot Reveal for 2016 Stronghold

which were?

Did you guys use the Milwaukee Tape Measures? Those are what we use

For the uptake did you guys just attach it to the drive train and then basically use a shifter that uses one for driving then the other for lifting the robot.

Very rigid. :smiley:

Not Milwaukee, but those were good too.
Yes the lift is powered by a PTO from the drive transmissions.

Google Photos

Where did you guys find those awesome green wheels?! Can’t wait to see it in person at champs! Amazing job guys!

Looks like it. From the video it seems like there are two tape measures on each side.

Most Mountain Board shops sell them. We are finding that they can wear quickly though with aggressive driving.

If only we could have all the boulders to ourselves like we do in practice. :smiley:

Wow that was unreal. Absolutely amazing well done. Another great robot from you guys. Can’t wait too see what you guys do at champs, Good luck!

Love the robot. You make it look so effortless. Do you have any pics of the catapult, specifically at the pivot point. I would love to see the pistons up close!

Lots of close-ups in our reveal video linked at the beginning of this thread.
I think what you want to see is best exhibited at 45 seconds in.

Here’s the best pic I have handy. PM me if you are interested in more.

How did you attach the two pistons together? Or stack them?