Team Titanium 1986 Step Container Autonomous

To think, I was about to go to bed, I could have been behind by 7 hours!
Nice Auto though!

That’s the cleanest release I have seen yet, great job. I can’t wait to see it first hand in a few days.

Looks good. Nice how the geometry worked out.
Are you using pneumatics for that?

That sure looks like two cylinders are actuating that. I wish I could get a closer look. Been trying to figure out a way to do the same.

Looks like it. From what I can see I’d guess 5-6 inch, 3/4" bore pistons.

If you can get a release like that every time You’ll do great. After watching 118 and other teams in Dallas having issues releasing yours is one of the best. Good Luck


The more I’m seeing, the more part of me happy that y’all aren’t competing at GKC. Amazing auto routine, and will definitely be watching webcasts where ever that robot is at.