Team Titanium 1986 - Week 1-3 Update

We just finished our first video of the build season. We combined the first three weeks of build season into one video.


We’re looking forward to being able to reveal our full robot in a few weeks.

May I ask what was being made on the printer?

the guy eating the sandwich is just plain weird.

A protective cover for our cRIO. The CAD model and some more information is available in this thread:

EDIT: And rwkling1 beat me to it.

Ah, 1986, they always have the simplest most logical approach to the game! Let’s watch!

discussions about shop vacs


I have a few questions about your drivetrain if you don’t mind (won’t be using it, just curious). Is there any drop down on your center wheels? Also do you have the omni wheels running at the same speed as the center traction wheels or at a different speed? Thanks!

Hm, maybe. But he’s also eating chips, doesn’t that redeem him?

I wish our 3D printer was that fast…

Oh, and does the guy soldering wash his hands to get rid of the lead (Pb) when he is done? I sure hope so…

Awesome, guys, Looks great.

Great little status video!

I’ll look forward to seeing the final product, too… in these past few years 1986 has definitely been added to my subconscious list of teams to watch reveal videos of!

There is a small amount, however the Versa tires turn out to have a somewhat larger diameter than the omnis, so no drop would really be needed. Same speed.

Was the chassis 3D-printed too?:confused:

No, but it was digitally produced. See the laser clip.