Team Titanium 1986 Week 4 Highlights

A few video images from the first 4 weeks of build season.

I like the thought you’ve given to knocked-over RCs.

Nice, I like the idea for up-righting the RCs.
But who found the music for the very last segement? Tiny Tim, Tip Toe Through the Tulips. :eek:

You and I think of it as Tiny Tim music, the students think of it as Spongebob music. :smiley:

Love the simple mechanism for righting the RC. Have you tested it at different speeds?

Great work 1986.


We had a similar thought for righting the containers, but it’s not a current priority for us.

Haha, I remember having similar experiences the first time I tried folding a bandsaw blade. I think the same music was playing in my head!

Like the simple approach towards standing the RC up. Wondering how automatic it is and how much positioning matters in bringing it up.

The band saw blade folding. I remember that struggle the first time. Our team just eventually made a hook for them to hang next to the band saw.

New summer project: Bandsaw blade folding device.

Evidently “you just have to feel it happen” is not especially helpful advice in teaching this skill.