Team Titanium Done!

It turns out we have some experience making free throws. See you on Einstein!

There seems to be a lack of 5 other robots on the field :stuck_out_tongue:

How reliable is aiming with this type of design? Also, could you tune the aim, or was it all or nothing?

If you have already had that made dont you have to remake it? Seems pointless i know

Is using your 2009 bot even legal? I thought you were allowed to cannibalize it for parts, electronics, etc., but not just tweak it a little and put it back on the field.

Sorry if this is a bit of an obvious question, its my first year.

There seems to be a key beneath the robot :smiley:

R… hang on… I need to look it up in my handy-dandy manual…18:

Robot elements designed or created before the Kickoff presentation, including software, are not permitted.

Guys, its a joke. This is a video from there 2009 season. They just posted that they were done because it performs a similar task as this years game. Their robot for this year will be much different because the gameplay is very different. @burnzkid: As a response to your question, no they couldn’t use anything prefabricated, they would have to rebuild anything that they wanted to use.

Obvious Troll is Obvious.

But seriously what is up with the similar game pieces/game design?!

I want a sand game where the whole field is covered in sand and your auton mode is where the robot digs itself out.

What about a field covered in corn? :yikes:

Have ALL the drive practice!!

coughcoughMaizeCrazecough :smiley: