Team Titanium Week 2 Progress

We decided to use a non-standard drive train this year. We found that wheels weren’t appropriate for this year’s game. We are still working on climbing. More on that next week.

Here is a video of our bot so far:

Thats great, cheers to you

I wish our shooter made those sound effects when shooting!:smiley:

And suddenly I wish to watch Star Wars.

Wow I am extremely impressed. I do have a question, do you think you would be able to slip the non ridged bumper mounts past inspection?

That would be against FIRST morals. The only things acceptable to slip through inspection would be a flux capacitor, and some bars of unobtanium.

That’s cool and all, but this video disappointed me greatly. 1986 usually are among some of my favorite looking robots every year.

Or, maybe this is their robot. Watch out for those bumper rules :smiley:

Your shooter is amazing! I love how you can fire off 3 frisbees and then have them not fall and hit the ground in front of you!

Sorry guys! I accidently posted the wrong video.

Here’s the real one:

Ha! You trolled us all without even realizing it… or did you?

Awesome video! Love the Ocarina of Time music.

I think, based off the title, he intended to troll :rolleyes: great video, and can I say its safe to assume that you’re going for floor pick up in autonomous? Looks like Titanium will be getting a second blue banner from Kansas, hopefully while wearing these great silver hats that one team wears… :slight_smile:

Curious - do you guys weld your sheetmetal chassis? Or do you drill/bolt/rivet after? I didn’t spot any holes in the connecting corners.

You see it clamped. It is temporarily jigged with cleco fasteners then TIG welded.

And if they order now, they can get Silver Hats AND Camo Pants for the same low price of 1 blue banner.*

*Does not include the shipping and handling.

But yeah, definitely some interesting things coming out of 1986 from the video. I already can’t wait for the GKC Regional and OKC Regional.

You might need to throw in a few tactical vests. I could use something to hold my stuff for inspecting after my backpack got stolen at worlds last year. Of course, you’d have to take off the “SWAT”…it might look like I was showing favoritism. :slight_smile:

If a tac-vest is all that’s needed for this then I have one that I could loan along with the hat…(Seriously, if you need a tac vest without SWAT on it then I have one.)

Hm… get us a few whiteboards without the “TEAM TITANIUM” on them and you have yourself a deal :wink:

That half second where I thought this was legit:) Either way, that thing looks REALLY cool!