Team Titanium's Teeter-Totter Talons

Here’s some highlights from the St. Louis elims featuring our new gizmo. Anxious to get to champs and do some triples.

That’s just awesome! I have a feeling that soon enough, a lot of teams will have these. The question is, when will it get to the point that you don’t need one?

Great job! This is one of the best one’s I’ve seen so far! Can’t wait to see it at championships!

I cant believe you actually named them that. I thought that was just a tongue twister joke

Should have named them…"Team Titanium’s Talons That Tip The Teeter-Totter To Totally Try To Triple "

Mind explaining the concept behind these types of things to someone who still hasn’t been able to figure it out.

So, It would appear that robots don’t move after the “talons” have pushed the bridge to level, but somehow, the bridge balances.
Is this because the CoM is in a position that it could be balanced, if the bridge were moved to level? (ie. tri-stable)

Looking good and making KC teams proud!

An object at rest wants to stay at rest. If you can eliminate the teeter totter aspect of the bridge, it becomes infinitely easier to balance and stay balanced.

They remind me of a praying mantis - very slick!

I strongly agree.

I think the benefit is two-fold:
The CG of the robots swings into balance or close to balance as the bridge tips. Picture the CG floating somewhere several inches above the center of the bridge surface, but not yet above the center bump because it is at an angle. As the bridge tips the CG rotates to a position above or close to above the center bump = balanced. This effect is greater as the robots are taller with a higher CG.
The second benefit is that of simply being horizontal. It is easy for nearly any robot to tweak and hold their position when horizontal, rather than on an incline.

Solving a statics problem is generally simpler than solving a dynamics problem…in engineering and in driving robots.

Just be glad they aren’t Team Titanium’s Tater Tot Talons.

We tried tater tots in trials, they tended to tear in two under tipping tension.

Being a team that competed at the St. Louis Regional your robot was GREAT! One thing that I did notice was sometimes during the balancing the talons moving would cause your bridge to become UN-balanced. If there was a way for your robot to retract the talons without moving the complete arm, I do believe it would help you balance more.

But just a thought

They are off the ground during balance and do not actually need to be retracted. I don’t recall their retraction ever spoiling the balance. We did push too hard once and tipped the other way, then used them again on the second tip.

Looks like you made at least some improvements since KC. Not that your robot wasn’t good enough anyway… Congratulations on such an amazing robot :stuck_out_tongue: