Team Titanium's Twin Tucking Tabs

A little demo of our latest gizmo. The tabs allow a secure overhang 14" off/20" on, as the first or last robot on. 57" overall height is legal on the opponent’s side. In conjunction with our teeter-totter talons, we’re doing our part to advance the quest for the “sure thing” triple balance.

This is why 1986 robots are almost always my favorites.

1986 was already wide, already had the ability to push up the bridge, and now have a way to hang (almost) half of your robot off there? Are you trying to get a 5 robot balance?

Team Titanium’s trying Teeter Totter Talons tying the terrain traversal tandoming Twin Tucking Tabs to try triples.

(Translation: Team Titanium is trying Teeter Totter Talons that balance the bridge with Twin Tucking Tabs to attempt a triple balance. To tie is synonymous with to balance).

Great job 1986! I look forward to seeing this at the championships!

I’m a little concerned about problems with this rule
Traction devices may not have surface features such as metal, sandpaper, hard plastic studs, cleats, or other attachments. Traction devices include all parts of the Robot that are designed to transmit any propulsive and/or braking forces between the Robot and the Court.
Otherwise fantastic idea to make your robot able to hang off even more, I think you guys could probably triple with 2 long robots with these features which could be quite the tool when alliance selections roll around on curie. Can’t wait to play with you guys in a week, you have an awesome machine.

That crossed my mind too, however it seems like since they’re able to drive perfectly fine while they’re deployed, it should be legal.

The tabs are smooth and rounded and slide easliy by design. Other robots have employed metal guides and contact features on the bridge without trouble. We don’t believe they will be seen as violating the intent of this rule, but if needed plastic glides can be easily added to the bottom edge.

That’s an excellent point, if I was the inspector and you said that I would definitely pass you.

Very nice! Wish you guys good luck next week in St. Louis. Look forward in catching some of your matches between ours in Galileo.

Put plastic tape on the bottom of them. Problem solved. These are a really cool idea, and negates one of the major downside of those huge wheels. This is why it is nice to have weight to play around with when you’re going to Championships.

Of course, once you think Titanium is at the top of their game, they go and add not one, but now two separate additions to their robot to put them way over the top. As we do before matches, my hat’s off to you 1986. I’ll be back over to inquire about your robot, just as I did at KC.

I’d root for you at Champs, but I don’t want to tick off the Curie Curse :rolleyes: Good luck, and as Mr. Bailey quoted, “It’s your year.”


Very impressive. 1986 is a first class team and wish you all the best on Curie. I can’t make the trip to St. Louis this time :frowning: but 624 looks forward to seeing your team in action.

You are right about that. We love our big wheels as we glide over the bump and tractor up the bridge, so we are happy to resolve this issue.

This is why it is nice to have weight to play around with when you’re going to Championships.

HA! Don’t we wish! We had to scrape to the bone to come up with the weight for these gadgets. If we have any more ideas we’ll have to remove the shooter!

If only it could play guitar hero at the same time. sigh.

Very nice design. :slight_smile: 706 has the same thing except ours is not retractable :frowning:

We hope to triple or at least co-op with you guys on Curie!

Really intelligent design from you folks this year, I’m excited to be able to check it out in person soon.

Best of luck!

Hmmmm…could we get more points for that?

Holy cow man! You guys just keep adding these awesome little gadgets that will help out a lot! Very well done! We hope to balance with you guys too. See you all at world!

Your friends from UP NEXT! :smiley:

Hey, thanks Mike. We were so pleased to watch our green friends:D win another event this year. Almost two! You have an amazing robot, such a great shooter. If our paths cross on Curie, we sincerely hope we are with you and not against you. Good luck to CRyptonite.

As a biased source, what I say should be taken with several grains of salt, and I’ve not seen these in person. However, as an inspector going to Worlds I would say that if I saw a robot with these, I’d pay very close attention to both the edges & the corners that contact the bridge. Since it looks like the bottom is actually bent in an arc instead of being a flat piece of metal that would help me feel more comfortable letting this pass inspection. As long as the corners are also well-rounded.

The operative word, to me, in R06 is “attachments.” All of the items in the sentence are related to that, and I believe the intent of the rule is how the wheels are constructed. No ice studs or tire chains. :wink: I would ask my LRI about that interpretation before I passed judgement on the hypothetical robot I’d be inspecting. R09 is relevant as well, and is where I’d be looking for rounding.

I’m sure Titanium will make sure everything’s well-rounded before presenting these to inspection, and it might behoove them to take the plates to the inspection station & ask about them before attaching these to the robot. I will make sure to take 5 steps back if I’m there… :slight_smile:

Well, well. If the pickiest inspector in FRC thinks we might be OK, then we should be good to go. :smiley: