Team TnT 280 Teaser and Shooter test.

Team TnT 280 shooter mechanism test on 2/4/12. End of build season week 4. We are shooting 30-40 (guess) feet with out a problem. You’ll notice that some Basketballs don’t go as far as others, which is because of the defferent densities of the balls. We have a design that we a building that is going to be installed onto the pick up design once it is finished that will sense ball density and adjust the shooter speed accordingly.

Strategy: Our Robot will be able to play offense or defense, drive well (With great traction), cross the bridge, cross the barrier, shoot, pick up balls, and balance on the bridge during the end game. In a nut shell, our robot will be able to take on any task in this years game if all goes well.

Video of Shooter test here:

Good Luck to all teams!