Team TnT 280's Website
I completely updated the site and got it past validation.
We were planning on just re-doing the whole site, rather than just update, but due to the time constraints we decided to just wait until after competition season.

Feedback is greatly appreciated, and if you see any bugs please post them too.

Looks nice, but everything is sort of crunched into that center area, making it look a little less visually appealing. Maybe put the navigation across the top, have the twitter feed to the far right, and take out the “about the team” section under it. You can put that section in the “about us” section, if it isn’t already. As for the latest news section, you can leave it where it is.

Add a generic picture or slideshow in the center, and it’s good.

Also, it seems the website has a fixed size. I, like a lot of people, have their browser open on a pretty wide screen, and your website stays in a small, confined space. If you could make it fill the screen, it would look less cluttered.

Great job, and keep on improving!

Yeah, I’d fix all of that if I could, the whole site was made so its just a huge weird table and if you move anything it jumbles it up. Thats partly why we’re going to re-design the site after competitions.

Oh yeah! This isn’t the re-design! For a face lift, it’s pretty good! You get the information needed across, and do it in a user-friendly manner. I’d give this website an 85%. When you re-design it, please post the link! I think this website will go from an 85, to a 105!

Great job, and I look forward to what this website will become!

I like the content, but it all seems squished together. Also, if you look at our website (, there is a team members section, which is really helpful. We store all the info that is for our team’s eyes only there, I suggest doing the same (schedule, progress, pictures, etc).

I really like it!
I like how it’s “squished together”… It’s kind of… almost… adorable. <3 I don’t really like the banner or the font throughout the site.

I’ve updated and fixed some things on the website to make the format a bit more uniform, I added the buttons in the Gallery so it isn’t just a list, and fixed all the links in the resource section (all the links didn’t open in a new window.)
As for updates, I added photos from the Wayne State District Event. I also switched the font on the home page so the two paragraphs are a bit better to read. I wish I could fix the way the home page isn’t all squished together, but it just isn’t going to be able to happen until after the competition season.