Team Tracker - A new way to follow FIRST competitions

Hey CD! Right before Detroit I wanted to put this out there for other people to use.

@WillNess came up with the idea for Team Tracker and I put it together since the Houston championships. Team Tracker is a simple way to watch all of the teams you want to watch without worrying about searching TBA to see when their next match is (don’t get me wrong, TBA is amazing and makes this entire system work). Simply go to and add the team numbers you want to watch. Team Tracker will organize all the matches you’ll want to watch and the autoplay feature will bring up the next stream for you. You can also have a second stream that you manually control by clicking on the match you’d like to watch.

You can use it as a guest or, to save your watched teams, create an account! I hope this can be a useful tool for some people, let me know if you have any feature requests or run into any bugs.

Thanks, and happy watching!



Sorry about any downtime, now that I have data I am finally finding some bugs I had to deal with. Stream switching should be fully working, as well as logging in with Google.

Just pushed an update including some bug fixes and a working autoplay feature!

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It doesn’t work on mobile, but there are other problems when it comes to watching more than one team at a time on a 5" screen

Is there a way for this to import your favorited team list from MyTBA?

It was originally designed to work on desktop, but I definitely hope to make a version optimized for mobile over the summer. But yeah, if it’s on mobile it might mean there can’t be multiple streams at the same time, or at least not everything would be visible at the same time.

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There is not, but I will look into it!

Very cool!

I am trying it to track several teams in Detroit. It seems to only queue up upcoming matches for one field (Carson right now), despite teams tracked across several fields. Am I doing something wrong?

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It just seemed to correct itself a moment ago (~9:45AM EDT) :slight_smile:

Good, I was just looking into it. If anything like that happens, it should correct itself within ~2 minutes (it updates itself on that interval). I’m still smoothing out some of the stuff like that, so thanks for bearing with me. I do, however, see that the watched teams tab shouldn’t expand like that (it should scroll like the match windows), so I’ll be pushing a change for that in a few minutes.

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It did not swtich streams for me, however. The first match in my schedule was on Tesla, then Carson, then Curie. It stayed on Tesla throughout. I do have autoplay checked.

It is cool stuff though!

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Sorry for the delay, have you tried refreshing the page? I pushed an update a little bit ago that should have fixed autoplay.

I had not tried a refresh - just did. It’s now just saying “no stream available” for several minutes.

I also now cannot uncheck autoplay.

Alright, working on a fix. Sorry!

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No problem at all - it is a cool site - just trying to help!

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Just pushed an update, autoplay should now automatically change when the page loads, when you add a team, and periodically (I realized it wasn’t enabled for those using accounts, only for guests. whoops!). I also tried to fix up the UI a little bit, but it’s not completely finished, so you may need to scroll down some to see the lowest matches.

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Right now, it is waiting for Carson to start, but other matches I am tracking have started on other fields. I can uncheck autoplay and play those. If I reselect autoplay, it goes back to waiting for Carson, and missing matches proceeding on other fields.

Again - just passing this along as test results for you. This is a really cool idea!

I can see how managing multiple fields that are all running on varying schedules can be complex!

Hmm…so right now I’m “guessing” the current match by using the assumed start time on the FIRST schedule. I wonder if using TBA’S predicted start time would change that…I’ll check it out, thanks!

I look forward to checking this out at home later. This looks cool!

Would be fun to have this running on a monitor in the pits during a competition as well.

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