Team traditions changed with no stop build day

As the title suggests, curious what team traditions were lost, changed, or added now that there was no stop build day?

For us, we usually had a ice cream container saved and wouldn’t open it till the robot is bagged.


We are calling it picture day with root beer floats .Having a (psuedo stop build day ) shows the importance of timelines to students .Having continued build time is also a blessing.


One team tradition that changed for us is ordering Chinese food for the team minutes after bagging, then eating it together.

This morphed into a much better gathering that I hope continues on to future years. The weekend following what would have been bag day, we had a demo early in the night for family and friends to come see the robot. All students were given the chance to stand up in front of everyone and share what they have done throughout the season. Then we went and ate Chinese food together after the demo and left robotics at a decent time!


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