Team Trinket Ideas

My team is thinking of making some trinkets, and selling them in the $2-$5 range. What trinket ideas do people have, and what trinkets have teams made in the past? What kind of trinkets catch your eye? Any other advice in this arena?

We have access to one large 3D Printer, as well as two smaller ones and all variety of other machines, including a CNC, so there are no limits in what we are capable of making.

Our team used CAD to create keychains and we 3D printed one not too long ago to see what it would look like. Stickers, temporary tattoos, etc. So, there is always that idea. But do only what you know is able to be done or what you know is easily accessable. It is up to you. Those are just some thoughts.

This sounds like a great idea for fundraising.
Just remember: at events:

4.13 Site Restrictions
Read the following site restrictions and adhere to them in order to promote an orderly, safe, pleasant and
exciting competition.

■ Do not sell any products. This includes food, hats, shirts or any promotional products.
■ Do not distribute any food products, such as candy, water, soft drinks or fruit.

Good luck with your fundraising!!

We used our 3D printer to make earrings that we gave to the team members and gave away to visitors at events. You have to design in a hole to insert the earring wire, but they were easy to put together and a big hit.

Team 174 uses a laser engraver to engrave small key chains on acrylic with custom names in Auto CAD. The only real difficulty is the creation of the game logo, but asides from that, it is pretty simple.