Team Uniforms

Full Disclosure: CM has no affiliation with this company but have used them in the past to do projects. They really want to support robotics because they think it’s important. CM makes no money from these sales. We simply negotiated a special price for teams down from about $60 a jersey.

Jersey Pricing and Examples

Sign Up Sheet

Each jersey can be fully customized with each person’s last name, sponsor logos, team logos, and colors. Sector 6 and CM logos will remain on the sleeves.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

Photo Example

These are really cool. Reminds me a lot of MLG jerseys.

I might need to get one just because there’s a stylish picture of Liam as a sample…

In all seriousness, thanks Cooler Master for another awesome contribution to the FRC community!!

Sector Six makes a lot of the esports jerseys and CM is big on esports so… that’s probably why. :slight_smile:

These are high quality jerseys. Been wearing mine quite often since getting it. Everyone should hop on this!

Does this mean I’m a model?

Is it possible to have these modified to not have any corporate logos on them? Apparently we have school district regulations regarding corporate logos on school clothing, so these may not be an option if the Cooler Master logo is on them.

You’d have to ask Sector 6.

Do you know if there is sizing information anywhere?

Sizing follows regular tshirt sizing.

Is there any flexibility in the ordering dates? We will have students who don’t make preseason hours, I don’t want to force them to buy something and then have them not allowed to remain on the team

best thing to do is fill out the form and leave a comment.

Any problem with an FTC team taking them up on this offer?

Not at all!

The form says to input the hex values for colors but are there the limitations on color choices?

I believe you get two colors: a primary and accent

If you need something else, best thing to do is email them.

Giving this thread a bump since more of the teams are finalized now. At this point I would contact Josh at SectorSix Apparel directly if your team is interested.

[email protected]

Have fun!

Do you think that if we were to order them this week, that they would be ship in time for week 1 competitions? (Like March 1st ish)

Also, unrelated question, is there plans for a Cooler Master invitational for this year?

Is this offer still available for teams? I see the form said September-October, but was wondering if we can get the same deal.