Team Update #1

A synopsis:
No minibot launching.
One minibot per robot.
We get an 84" diameter cylinder instead of a 60" diameter cylinder.
We can use NXT sensors and cables on the minibot.
Andymark addressed some KoP errors.

Thank the robot gods for an 84" cylinder. :smiley:


Awwww, the minibot rules just got stricter. Goodbye surgical tubing powered jumping minibot.

And this is why we don’t do design until after Team Update #1 (and usually Team Update #2).

minibots will now be completely and totally boring.

What’s more inspiring, a 1 second minibot or waiting to see who reaches the pole first to deploy their minibot that takes 7 seconds to reach the top?

The OP does not state this but, in addition to no launching, MINIBOTS cannot hold stored energy. All movement must come from the motors.

This is much more exciting! Instead of 1 second rocket launches, think of the suspense, the drama - oh, the humanity. It is like going to the county fair and watching the duck races. Will they make it or not?



Agreed. They should be relabeled to deployment races. It’s now really whoever can jam their minibot into the pole fastest without destroying it.

That sounds like hanging last year. With a few exceptions (27, 33, 148, 1114, and others), watching robots hang was very suspenseful. Would they pull themselves up in time? Are they JUST over the top of the tunnel? While 148’s ability to hang was amazing, it was consistent, and less keep-me-on-the-edge-of-my-seat exciting than a slower hanging bot.

FIRST. You made a horrible call, you took what was potentially a good engineering design challenge, and turned it into a last ditch effort to save their inferior (to vex) FTC design competition.

It’s now a challenge of who can make the SAME minibot lighter. Yay.

I also think it would have been really exciting to see a mini-bot launch to the top in 1 second. I also think this will lead to many teams copying (or getting inspired by)* sucessful mini-bot designs. It will be alot easier to change a mini-bot than change the mini-bot and the robot that launches it. This game is quickly losing the ways to differentiate the great and elite teams.

*Note: I have no problems with teams doing this, just that is leads to alot of similar robots and thus less exciting matches with diverse robots.

I have no desire to watch a battle of who sucks less. It’s not inspiring to see whether the robot that takes 16 seconds to hang beats out the one that takes 14 seconds to hang. Slow=boring, regardless of whether it’s a scenario where it ends up being a buzzer beater.

actually if you run a 4inch diameter wheel at the maximum the motors move(152rpm) it will only take 3.5 sec and even if it is running at 120rpm it will only take about 5 sec to reach the top of the pole

I know everyone is rejoicing about the 84" cylinder, but I personally loved the 60" as an actual engineering challenge. What about this game is different than 2007 again? Minibots? OK, cool.

Not quite, see this thread

So you can theoretically make one go up in 5 seconds. Whoop de doo. I guarantee you would have seen sub one second climbs if stored energy systems were allowed.

Rather predictable changes, however appealing “launching” might be, it was bound to be corrected. I must say that I am also glad that the robot extension diameter has been increased, that extra two feet will be nice. Thanks for posting!

yeah we would see 1 second climbs but we would also see major damage to minibots and field elements and possibly even major damage to a ref, so i think it is better that rule is in existence now

Better now than in 2 to 3 weeks after full designs were done like in 2002.

well just threw all the windup toy minibot drawings in the trash. back to using ftc motors. was really hoping to have no ftc on the minibot