Team Update 1

Update 1 has been released.

G11 issue settled!

It seems its a little late (time wise, not date wise) for this to be released, good catch!

Well, that settles the G11/G21 discussions pretty thoroughly.

The manual stated most Team Updates would occur by 5pm eastern Tuesdays and Fridays. My guess this one took longer to get ready than it will as the season progresses.

The update to G21 is clear but potentially concerning.

pretty sure thats new…

New, but awesome. Here are the direct links:

Blue End:
Red End
Spy Box:

The update to G21 seems a little too much. It’s not a clarification, but an entirely different rule. Why’d they make it regardless of who touches who?

You haven’t seen the discussions on this, have you?

Basically, the situation was that if Blueabot was in RedaPassage, and Redabot came along and hit Blueabot, TECHNICALLY (due to the usage of “contact” as a verb), Blueabot didn’t contact Redabot, so Blueabot doesn’t get a penalty; Redabot is blocked from using RedaPassage (potentially), and Redabot is at risk of a G11 for trying to cause Blueabot to get a penalty (but there’s a risk of it going to Blueabot for a strategy aimed at trying to get Redabot a G11 penalty).

By clarifying that it’s regardless of who initiates the contact, the GDC ensures that the Passage remains open, the G11 loop doesn’t start, and removes any ambiguity. But, they also allow Blueabot (in the above example) to enter, thus ensuring that a different chokehold (hoarding balls in the Passage) doesn’t happen.

This is the same setup as the basketball reintroduction areas in 2012. You can go in, at your own risk. And WOE be to the team who does this and loses for their entire alliance. It’s the GDC’s way of telling you it’d be a really good idea not to risk going in…

I’m kinda surprised they didn’t tack the same wording onto G28 to cover courtyard contact in the last 20. The G11 blue box A section implies the same “regardless of who initiates contact” interpretation.

G12-1 ROBOTS may not use FIELD elements, e.g. BOULDERS, to interfere with the operation of other FIELD elements, e.g.

How do I use a boulder to defeat a defense?

If the Boulder props open the door so I can back of into the neutral zone?

If the Boulder is in the moat, and I drive over the boulder?

I wonder what prompted that clarification?

I noticed there wasn’t any clarification regarding spys and carrier pigeons.

Not to defeat the defense, but jam it up. Specifically, there was concern that a boulder jammed under the CdF from the courtyard side, would cause it to be unpassable.

I’m sure the carrier pigeons update will be forth coming!


Looks like the GDC reacted solidly to several whispers on the wind. I hope they are ready for the true storm when Q+A shows up.

3 words “Cheval de friese” (boulder under while robot going over equals real trouble!)

No drones…Lol.

Hard to disagree with the intent, but the “intent” wording of the new blue box opens up a gigantic can of worms for referees.

Teams playing defense just got a whole lot harder

My question right now is.

RED robot is scoring boulders in BLUE Courtyard.
There is a BLUE robot playing defense against that RED robot.
RED robot has no boulders available except for one sitting in BLUE Secret Passage.
RED robot travels into BLUE Secret Passage in attempt to pick up the boulder.
BLUE robot sees them traveling in to the Secret Passage to retrieve the boulder, follows them in, and continues playing defense (bumping, pushing, mainly trying to get between RED robot and the boulder, etc). Would this be a G11?

I would argue it is not a G11 and is in fact a G21 because they are not trying to intentionally cause a TECH FOUL, they are trying to play defense and keep an offensive robot from retrieving a game piece. However to an untrained eye, or maybe a passing glance by a ref, it would appear to be a G11 because of the repeated contact by BLUE onto RED in the Secret Passage and they could see it as trying to rack up TECH FOULS.

Or maybe I’m reading the update completely wrong and it would always be a G11 on the BLUE robot?

How I read the rules, if two robots make contact, the robot in the opposing team’s secret passage gets the foul. So, in your example, the BLUE robot would indeed always get the foul.

I think you have this backwards. RED would get the penalty.

G21 A ROBOT contacting carpet in the opponent’s SECRET PASSAGE may not contact opposing ROBOTS, regardless of who
initiates the contact

Yeah, this is really cool. Definitely bringing in my cardboard today for the game strategy team to play with.