Team update #11

Team update #11 has been posted

Team Update #11

I searched, sorry if somebody already posted this.

well looks like half of first can not compete now


I think that was a very unfair statement. FIRST has a tough job and for them to have as many updates as they have is a GIFT. Anyone who has been around for the past three years will tell you this

IF teams did NOT READ THE FIRST MANUAL AND Q&A SITE, it is not FIRST’s fault, it is the TEAMS fault

Guys, COME ON. The rules were there in the rulebook from day one. This isnet FIRSTs fault if you dident shield, or dident know the shoot must be inside the starting envelope.

You guys are making this sound like FIRST Just said “OK, rather than using 7” poof balls you can only use a golfball"

I wish… golfballs would feed better. :wink:

17 hours after? You shipped yesterday? (Or really early this morning, I suppose…)

I don’t see anything particularly shocking in this update–the update is only reiterating some things that came up at scrimmages. Or was the human shielding a new development? (My brain seems to have released the magic smoke.)

I just went back to look at a few of the robot pictures posted recently and pretty much all of them would be violating the “shielding” rule.

I was doing the same thing a ton of robots are not going to be happy when they get to there comp. If First cracks down on the rule


Many of the posts I’ve seen on this site appear marginal with regards to sheilding. This can easily be rectified with some .020 polycarb and some POP rivets in the pits however. I would suggest if you have anything rotating on your bot not completely covered bring these materials for a quick fix in the pits.

Take a look at how many of you have a large shooter wheel or wheels with nothing protecting it. other than where the ball contacts.

Also, many of these items were discussed in the Q&A.


Heres just a few of the robots

I agree with you that most of those need some additional guarding that is not present. Some of them even note in their captions that they don’t have their guards on. Team 27 however has beautifully machined guards on their wheels. They might need some of the polycarb I mentioned above, however they clearly saw the intent of the rule.

Also forgot to mention before remeber the specific video clip on the elimination of pinch points from the kick-off. My guess is that will be the big hitter during inspection on **all ** bots.

Many teams are gonna be hit with the shielding policy and won’t pass initial inspection…atleast thats what I think. And by adding shielding, many teams will then be over weight…

As for the update…there is nothing new, just reiterating important rules. As for the flag holder…thats something we’re gonna do at GLR sometime on Thursday before we go to pass inspection that afternoon.

When looking at many of the designs…at least the pitcher style ones. I found that it was difficult (if not impossible) to shield them completely without having them set back within a box.

Most of the wheel is begin used by the robot and I know that a team will not completely redesign so they use “less” wheel.

Simply put…you cant shield the pieces of the wheel you are using, unless the whole robot is a big box with holes cut for the ball the shoot out of. The holes would have to be covered with some sort of flexible protection.

I’m going way out there with this…then you would then have to increase wheel speed to account for friction with protection and therefore increasing the safety issue. While completely abiding to the FIRST rules.

In the video seen here, what do you think would need to be covered to abide by the “shielding” rule. Is the whole system a shooter or just the bottom roller?

Since this is a safety issue, I expect FIRST to enforce the rule about shielding the shooter. I expect a lot of teams will be adding guards when the get to the competitions. Hopefully FIRST will not penalize teams that read the rules and designed a shield in from the beginning.

Can you imagine the weight problems that sprout from fixing these robots?

Edit: Yea, KTorak brought this up, too

Maybe Im not reading it correctly but doenst the rule state

and must be shielded such that the mechanism cannot make contact with
other ROBOTs.
which means that if your shooter wheels don’t exceed past the edge of your robot, then technically you are ok? I understand this can cause some protection for pickup devices, but the shooter itself shouldn’t be too bad as long as its not at the very edge of your robot.

The bystander part is new

Maybe I am just naive, but I don’t see how this is such a problem given the fact that the rule was there since the beginning. The only parts that are able to be touched by a human on our bot are the two exit paths of the ball. One of them someone would have to go out of their way to touch, and the other is still guarded pretty well. We added a “face mask” onto the front of the wheel. Pictured here. This should comply with the rule about our mechanism not being able to make contact with another ROBOT.