Team update #12

Team update 12 is now avaliable on the FIRST website for your enjoyment

They havn’t addressed the robot colaboration thing yet. Grrr…

Seems like they have really overhauled the rules, this is a must read for everyone.

Penalties, penalties, and more penalties…sounds exciting, better watch those human players and robots. I hope FIRST has enough flags.

I find the addition of all the specific penalties interesting. I wonder if a lot of this is to give FIRST a more formalized rule process. In the past, it’s been a bit more relaxed without as many penalities avaiable (usually you could only be disabled or disqualified). This somewhat leads me to believe that this is an attempt by FIRST to become more palatable for an outside audience. We’ll have to see how it goes.


It is a sad thing that rule G32 needed to be stated at all.

-Mr. Van
Coach, 599

Update #11

I believe at the bottom of the 2nd page they do discuss the colaboration. This may be a subtle answer, but they did in fact answer the question. It’s all up the interpretation of FIRST.

I concur. I really think this is to make it more viewable to the audience. It will be clear who is getting a penalty and for what action.

Joe J.

yes but you now that if it wasnt stated in the rules prior to competitions starting, there would be at least one team who wold take advantage of the rule not being present and using it for their advantage.