team update 13 question

the only change other than the controller deal was the part about passing the balls. when it says ,in bold, “any team member” may pass the ball to either human player, does this include the coach/mentor? i searched but coudlnt find anything and if i missed something just link me to it and ill shut up :wink:

The rules are written to be interpreted by all us “common joes” and not lawyers, so their statement that “any team member may pass balls to the human player” should be taken at face value.

Yes, the coach may pass balls.


I would tend to think that if the coach is an adult then they could not pass the balls

EDIT: I just read the uptade and think that I am wrong. Mentors can HANDLE the balls

Every year since 2000 in which the HPs are in the driver stations, the coaches were allowed to hand balls to the human players. Therefore, I would say that FIRST means that the mentors CAN handle the balls.

Last year was an exception since the HPs were on the field during their time.

The coach is an adult. Me no likes this. ahh…I won’t do that. I don’t like starting flame wars. It is just my reccomendation that the drive team should be all student when there is at least 4 student team members. It’s an awesome experience that should be given to the students since there is nothing the adults can do that the students can’t do or do better. But enough on that. Coaches or as I call them lead strategist (we had a power issue last year. Coach thought he was the leader when we were actually a four person team) can handle balls.

dont over analyze the rules…when they say ANY team member legally on the field, that would mean ANY team member legal drive team member on the field…