Team Update 14

We learn about RAW MATERIALS…

also there’s a consolidated Q&A for build season

Nothing about batteries in the update, very disappointing.

But you can bring as much #6 wire as you want…

I’ll bring some Advil :rolleyes:

And 187 pages of Q&A… wow :eek:

I am very grateful for this new definition of RAW MATERIALS, because recent rulings led me to wonder if scraps might be considered FABRICATED. Thank you, GDC.

I don’t like the mention of gloves. Gloves != safety! I can think of several instances where wearing gloves is far more dangerous than not. Please do not ever wear gloves while working with or near rotating tools, machinery, or robot parts.

Ahhhh, but your forgetting:

if (!logical)

:smiley: jk :smiley:

Gloves are nice in many situations, but I agree there are times they shouldnt be worn. I am a big fan of wearing gloves when carrying the robot on and off the field. After carrying it all day the gloves really save your hands.

I love the 187 page consolidated Q and A.

Me too, I actually asked a Q&A question that seems to be answered by this update, so maybe the update is ahead of the Q&A :slight_smile: There were a few other parts to it (ie can we make a pile of extra materials donated by teams that might be considered fabricated but are just really extras that we brought to competition normally for other teams to use…)