Team update 16

I found it on the website

Five points to winning alliance!

Wow…big update

+5 points for winning a match now is 6 vs 0 still worth it???

Also, non incidental 3" violations will not be penalized assuming they are corrected.

Way to step up GDC.

Interesting that they changed G46 to only penalize robots if the incidents are incidental and not 100% on purpose. Will definitely reduce penalties, but will call into question as to who’s doing it on purpose and who just happened to run over it that round.

Thank you, GDC. Thank you very much.

It’s a pity this wasn’t around for week 1 (especially in Bayou, given the change to no longer allow non-inspected teams to get seeding points), but at least it will hopefully be much better moving forward.

Wow that is a huge change, should help eliminate a losing alliance doing better than a winning alliance

Woohoo an incentive to win matches!!!

Phew, now my robot isn’t worthless until the elims. :slight_smile:

A really simple fix, I must say. Now teams will have to be honest with themselves if they think they’re going to lose halfway through (score for winner, lower risk, low reward) or if they should push for a comeback (higher risk, MASSIVE reward). I love it.

It’s like the GDC typed up a few hundred words and fixed everything anyone ever had any trouble with :slight_smile:

Thank you so much GDC!:smiley:

Major props to the GDC for this update.

I was in the camp that saw no problem with 6v0 (I wouldn’t go quite as far as to call myself an advocate of the tactic). With this update the GDC has clearly expressed that the intent of the seeding system which I will be recommending that my team respect, even in circumstances where 6v0 may still be advantageous for maximum seeding points.

Adding provisions for not penalizing incidental ball intrusion, and making the G30 yellow card optional are also great fixes to issues that seemed to crop up as the game was played for the first time.

Remind me again why anyone, my team included, is stupid enough to keep going to week 1 events?

ETA: It’s a good change, but the timing is obviously frustrating.

spit take

The GDC has changed the seeding formula in the middle of the competition season? I think this is unprecedented. Perhaps the fact that a team at Bayou failed to field a robot for all of Quals and ended up a pick alliance persuaded them. That likely also inspired the not inspected modification, which really only makes sense. At any rate, kudos to them for acting boldly to remedy what was a rather poor ranking system in desperate need of a fix.

I propose that all we hold all further criticisms of the ranking system to the end of the season in recognition of this olive branch from the GDC. Furthermore, I think we should all support this change of rules by the GDC instead of complaining of the unfairness to Week 1 teams. Better that they’ve acted quickly and decisively now than that they force us all to deal with the original system on a matter of principle.

Well, Friday might not be so painful after all.

Thank goodness! However I’m still concerned with FIRST’s dislike of high scoring matches. After all, what’s wrong with a good robot beating a bad robot?

Well I would have liked this a week ago…and a bonus for winning with less than a full alliance would have been nice too

Wow, this is a huge update. This really changes the game.

The hope would be the team with the “good robot” would lend a helping hand to the team with the “bad robot” to make it not so bad.

“Good robots” vs “good robots” makes for a good show, no matter which side you’re on.

I think this has been one of the best updates I have ever seem :slight_smile:

Thank you GDC!!! This will help out all of the teams tremendously!!!

I completely agree. I would have never expected the GDC to do this, as they would fully understand the repercussions of people calling Week 1 “unfair.” But I’m very glad they have. This is probably one of my favorite team updates ever.

Thank you, members of the GDC.