Team Update 17

Buckle up boys and girls, this one’s wild.

Oh no…

How do you guys interpret “No changes”? I’m thinking that means bumpers are no longer mandatory. Can anyone confirm?

What was Frank thinking? Practically every team’s going to have to rework their strategy now. Some of these things should have been day 1 fixes, and now any team that actually read the manual is getting screwed over.

I can’t believe they waited this long, this should’ve happened week one of build season.

We compete in two days and we don’t have nearly enough time to edit our robot to the new standards. This is horrifying and it’s making me shake wondering what we are going to do.

No changes? So we can’t make any improvements to our robots?

What if a part breaks during a match? Does that count as a change itself, as well as changing out the broken part for an identical new one? Better hope your robot is a tank.

Will this update beat the 262+ replies that Update 11 generated?

Well, looks like we are calling off the unbag time. No changes allowed anymore.

Keep in mind, that just because there are no changes to “General”, the “Rules & Expectations for FIRST Robotics Competition Events”, or the “Game and Season Manual”, there may still be changes to other documents, such as the “Safety Manual”.

I assume that’s where the new “Designated Running Area” being instituted at events is documented.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think these are the kind of changes that show that the FIRST is really learning what we want, at this rate, this years freshmen will see a water/flying game (both at the same time) by the end of their high school careers!

The only constant is change.
No change means no constants.

Universal law of gravitation is a lie.


…or is it? The text explaining that it’s supposed to be blank means it’s no longer blank.

For those of you concerned about the “No changes,” there is no issue affecting your robots. “No changes” doesn’t have a rule number in front of it (e.g. R102* or G26*), so it is not a restriction. :stuck_out_tongue:

*Examples only. Not actual rules.

I…I don’t know what to think…Do we compete or do we just give up? I can’t process this much at the same time. WHY GDC, WHY?

On a side note: Does this mean we played the game well?

They’ve finally done it, the madmen.

The GDC has finally outlawed the concept of time.

Oh Frank, I can’t believe you’ve done this.

Gack! ::rtm:: We have to bring exact currency and coin when we buy venue food and drink! Adding that to the bolts, nuts, sprockets, wrenches, and other tools that accumulate in my pockets at competition will really weigh me down!

So now we can reach outside the airship?

No, it means you can’t change your BUMPERS. Once you put on the Red BUMPERS, you keep them on. If you’re scheduled as Blue, you’re disabled for having the wrong colored BUMPERS.

Or vice-versa.

Hmmm, interesting update. Question is, how are they going to implement it? It’s going to be tough enforcing “No changes” for programming teams who are sneakily modifying their code.