Team Update 17


Oh snap… G424. We hoped it was coming and they saw our cries for help


They have now blocked the stage pushing that we saw last week. Interesting


Huge W.

Props to FIRST for upholding rules that promote GP.


It was always blocked, they’ve just now explicitly added it as an example


Kind of sad that it needed to be clarified that this is a bad thing to do, but good inclusion regardless


Specification is key. Helps solve the whole ¨is this legal¨ thread. A good addition to have this.


We’ve got two threads by accident, should be merged together technically


If a Playoff MATCH, verbal warning issued the ALLIANCE, or if an ALLIANCE’S subsequent violation within the tournament phase, TECH FOUL applied to their upcoming MATCH. If the ALLIANCE is not MATCH ready within 2
minutes of the verbal warning having been issued to all 3 teams/TECH FOUL and the Head REFEREE perceives no good faith effort by the DRIVE TEAM to quickly become MATCH ready, their ROBOT is DISABLED.

I wonder what this is a response to and if It will need to be used. Additional nitpick since this should be “to the ALLIANCE”

If a Playoff MATCH, verbal warning issued the ALLIANCE

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This may be in response to San Francisco as a whole, in which there were multiple matches delayed by robot work/adjustments on or near the field, and several instances of no-shows in Elims.




Yes, but it is more specific and it has to be, which is good.
If a robot is in my stage area the last 20 seconds and it is in the way of me climbing and attempting my trap door mechanism, I will absolutely push a robot whichever way possible and as fast as I can, so that I can do what my robot was designed to do, playing offense.


Good, this is exactly what I wanted. While I think the refs at the events where RP foul farming was taking place should have called these, they were not given proper guidance from the rules, but now they are. Lets hope that any team that tries this going forward is swiftly penalized and teams learn that attempting this behavior is not worth it.


Agreed. The specification explicitly prohibits exploitation, while still allowing for reasonable, normal calls of G424 during match play.

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Agreed, is it a G211 or G212 violation to forcefully push a blue-defending robot into your red amp zone to get penalties? In this case, you could argue the blue robot deserves the penalty because of the risks of defense.
But what if that blue robot disables in front of your speaker and then you just try to push them out of the way and force them into the amp zone?
Seems like a call that can be debated which isn’t good.

To me, it was quite obviously against the intent of the rules before, but the calls around this kinda thing have been a bit wishy washy in the past, so explicit clarification is great.
It also means that if it’s NOT called, the affected team has an exact example to go to the head ref with saying it’s an issue.


Our RIO Ethernet driver is bugged, we’re replacing it this week. Ethernet doesn’t connect to Radio, solution is to power cycle until it does. With the radio boot time that’s over a minute per try… Gets old fast.

(It’s a physically old RIO, and the first time Field Staff has ever seen this).

We had to give up on tuning the disrupt-all-notes auto prior to our last match for that reason, couldn’t get connection before we needed to load in.

Can’t speak to the other alliances issues. We did need to take full advantage of the field fault time to avoid playing our replacement card. I wouldn’t mind a hair more time in the playoffs schedule, the penalties feel fair (e.g. I’ll play thru a tech foul to finish system check).

On topic: good updates all around.


We may be partially to blame for this one. After Playoff Match 11 at Newmarket, all three of our robots were broken in various ways and needed major repairs (fixing bent frame rails and broken intakes), causing delays to the next match; we did our best to communicate with the FTAs / Head Ref early and often about our alliances status, and put partially fixed robots (without any pre-match testing) back on the field as soon as we could.


It is a bit of a judgment call. If the blue robot is next to the amp and you are trying to get to amp to score it is normal game play. If you push the robot down from the feeder to the Amp, then its really questionable. If you push a disabled robot down the field into the amp and you don’t have a note then the red robot has clearly violated G211/212.

If I had to guess…

Infractions were team based. Previously, if you were issuing it to a team, you could reasonably issue it to multiple teams on the same alliance and have up to 3x the penalty.

With the explicit mention of alliance now, you can only incur the one penalty per match versus the 3.

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