Team Update 18

Update 18 is out, some interesting information to help solve the Ethernet port problems,

Good luck everyone!
See you in Atlanta!

I’m glad they allowed this change.

the ethernet ports on the driver station are very flimsy…good job to FIRST for allowing this hcange

To me it seemed like the competition port was flimsier. But our dongle (on/off switch) was flimsy in it as well.

Now if only we could also do this with our ethernet ports. Two of ours broke yesturday, and we are going to Philly tomorrow

That is exactly what this update addresses. Read the highlighted section. It can’t be stated any clearer.

On second read of his post, I think he is implying that the update came too late to save his team’s ports.

EDIT - Looks like I was wrong. Matt - what happened to them?

That was a typo. I meant to say USB ports

Ah, well that makes more sense. On that note, I would agree, but I have to ask, how did you break USB ports. That is the first I have heard of that particular failure.

We didn’t do anything in particular. They just stopped working. We theorize it became loose like the ethernet ports.

Could someone please post a link to a device that is described in the update so I have an idea what to buy.

Thanks in advance,

We had problems with our 545 motor at the wisconsin regional, now they cleared it up!!

I just found this: and here: (same product)

It’s a 1 foot long male-to-female RJ45 Ethernet patch cable for $5.55.

If you need one very soon, there are female-female RJ45 couplers available at many stores that have network stuff, you could use one with one of the KOP ethernet cables (but not the orange one, which is a crossover and to be used for the camera only).

Here’s one I bought from L-com: