Team Update #19 - "Double Play"

I guess the 3 vs 3 experiment failed. According to this update, the game will be played 2 vs 2 for this weekend’s regionals and Championships.

Most of the update just changes the wording of the rules to apply to two robots per alliance as opposed to three. Of particular interest, though:

Why are we making this change?
FIRST’s policy has always been to avoid drastic rule changes late in the season. Based on the experience to date at the regionals,however, it has become clear that the previous format didn’t lend itself to a high-scoring, offensive game. We feel that this change is in the best interest of teams, sponsors, and especially referees.

Frankly, the 3-on-3 format was all Woodie’s idea. But what would you expect from the guy who came up with floppies?

It isn’t april 1st yet for us west coasters.

Sorry George…

Not your best material, buddy :stuck_out_tongue:

Helps if you spell Woodie correctly :wink:

Whoa. It’s not April 1 here on the west coast, so you really had me there…until I read the following posts.

Maybe the moderators should hide all replies so that more people get fooled :wink:

FIRST changing the game format to 2v2 in the middle of the season :confused: hrm, i doubt it espicially since Woodie was mis-typed and that would be altogether drastic measures for FIRST however wouldn’t be cool if FIRST really did change the game in the middle of the season. Another Tipper offer FIRST would not look down upon Woodies Floppies =)

hmm should this be moved to the FIRST is moving to indianapolis thread???

haha good try though george.

OK, I’m sitting here with my jaw still wide open! Ya got me! :ahh: Can’;t wait to spring it on my son who is still sleeping, though!

Its only A little after 7am Lol, I have a late opening because a bunch of kids decided to slash school bus tires.How ironic its on April 1st. So I had some time to log on CD and the 1st thing I see when i log in to CD is this. Team Update #19 - “Double Play”- Nice try, almost got me, but then I said why would the game change dramatically at like the end of the season. Have a great April Fools Day, today should be a national holiday and day off from school.

Nice one george, you really had me thinking about this. I am gonna get you!!! 19 more days!!!

It would have been better if you had it so that when someone clicks on it - it records the amount of people or whatever. :wink:

Haha, or even the classic “Didn’t you hear? After Atlanta, they aren’t having nationals anymore.”]( :wink:

lol…you almost fooled me…and yet…they wouldn’t say such things about woodie…
and my girlfriend says: “haha, geek jokes… you gotta love them”

Not to mention the ultimate classic: “Nationals has been canceled”](

Speaking of George’s past April Fool’s pranks, lets not forget the time the owner of the Indianapolis Colts bought FIRST. Sorry George, but I saw the post was by you before I clicked on it, and that kinda gave it away that it was a prank. Eh, at least you’re quite creative with these things; good for a chuckle.

[quote=EddieMcD]Not to mention the ultimate classic: “Nationals has been canceled”](

Nationals HAVE been canceled. They are now the Championships.[/quote]

They took it down :frowning:

I wanted to read my second April Fool’s Day Joke of the day… :mad:

Actually I have been meaning to ask this but according to a trivia slideshow that was run at the BAE regional there was at one time Nationals and Championships run at the same time.[/quote]

[quote=“Adam Y.”]

Not possible. They are one and the same, the name just changed because of our Canadian and Brazilian friends :)[/quote]


Don’t forget the two Israeli teams coming too this year.[/quote]

Unlike my mother, I have become accustomed to CD April Fool’s pranks, and therefore when she came up and told me about it this morning, I knew that it was a joke, although it definitely isn’t as good as the Championship Cancellation thread, it was an interesting idea.

Today at the so cal regional Dave Lavery pulled a double play… might have gotten in from your topic. Good job!