Team Update 19!

Team update 19’s available here.

Details on this year’s inspection. There’s a new inspection system this year AND challenges to inspection rulings.

I like it. :slight_smile:

I think it’s great. It gives the experienced students/mentors that know the rules front-to-back a chance to help out.

It also gives the teams a way to informally issue a complaint against another team’s robot component. I hope this isn’t abused though…

Overall, it beats waiting in the long inspection lines…

I think this is great. Who knows the rules more than a team that has been reading them for the past 6 weeks.

I see this as really speeding things up.

Plus I know not much will get by a person that has been doing this for some years.

My question is are we going to be able to open our robots up on Wednesday to have them used as a tool to inspect?

I think they should be able to inspect robots if they are ready to be inspected. For some of our robots it is open the box and inspect. Some of the other robot are going to need time to make those last minute changes.

I wonder, do inspectors have to be there Wednesday? I know my team, for example, never comes until late Wednesday or early Thursday.