Team Update 2/26/2013

Good luck with this one - you’re gonna need it: 94

Thats a real game changer!

They’re going to pull that at this point in the season?? WOW!!

I think this just made us illegal… WTH FRC?

What exactly makes you illegal?

Its a joke.

I’m in shock. Wow.

Oh man. Almost got me there.

Take it easy guys, stress level is still high :stuck_out_tongue:

Grade-A trolling though

I can only assume that teams who exhibit bad luck will earn a foul, perhaps even a yellow card. I think AndyMark just sold out of rabbits feet.

Oh, the yearly “pre-week one game changing update” that leads to a big thread of rage on CD :stuck_out_tongue:

Our entire strategy hinged around our bad luck. I can’t believe the GDC would pull something like this just before the Week 1 events. I don’t know how I’m going to break this news to the students.

Good luck with that!

But our human players cant take advantage of this :ahh:

Well…at least we’re not in a Week 1 regional…we have 2 weeks to use our 30lbs withholding to change our robot to be legal now! :yikes: Hopefully we’ll make it.

On behalf of Team 2410, BV CAPS Metal Mustang Robotics, I want to wish all the Week 1 regional teams the best of luck, and I’m interested in seeing what 24 teams come out on top.

Noooooo! Why must you rub salt in my wounds?

And the GDC strikes again. How are we supposed to score now…

I sure am glad we’re going to FLR (Week 1). Everyone competing in weeks 2-6, no luck for you!

Oh wait, that already came out.

GDC has really done it again. Minibots for the second time!? OMG…:mad: :mad: :mad: