Team Update 2012-02-03

No major changes; unless you’re an MAR/MI team.

I really hate how they separate the Game and Administrative manual update sections.

In the following, the section on MAR WFFA is new, and the changes to the section before it were to change it to MI procedure only.

Wait a minute. So once a mentor gets a WFFA in FiM or MAR, he or she can never be nominated again?

I thought that was the rule for the WFA in general.

They can’t be nominated for the WFFA again, but once you win WFFA you can be nominated for the WFA in a later year. Once you win a Finalist award, you are not eligible for the Finalist award again, but remain eligible to be submitted for the Championship award.

FIRST Championship WFA – All prior Regional WFFA recipients are eligible to be re-nominated for the current FIRST Championship Woodie Flowers Award. However, if a team has multiple prior Regional WFFA recipients, then the team may only re-nominate one of those previous recipients.