Team UPDATE - 2013-02-12

Wires that are

recommended by the device manufacturer

or originally attached to legal devices are


part of the device and by default legal [strike]as supplies[/strike]. Such wires are exempt from R48.

The only power regulating devices for actuators permitted on the ROBOT include:

Jaguar motor controller (P/N: MDL-BDC, MDL-BDC24, and 217-3367),
Victor 884 motor controller (P/N: VICTOR-884-12/12),
Victor 888 motor controller (P/N: 217-2769),
Talon motor controller (P/N: CTRE_Talon and am-2195),
VEX motor controller (P/N: 276-2193) for controlling VEX 2-wire Motor 393 (P/N: 276-2177) only, and
Spike H-Bridge Relay (P/N: 217-0220 and 


Just some more cleanup of the electrical rules