Team UPDATE - 2013-02-22

Didn’t see anyone post about this.

Game Manual

The following field drawings have been updated to reflect current designs:

Goal Bottoms
Goal Chains
Pyramid Cap Locking Mechanism

Updated drawings can be found on the Manual Homepage

Lets hope the changes actually help to keep frisbees in.

Have people shot at goals with their chains tied together like that?

We haven’t had any trouble with discs staying in the goal and our exit velocity it crazy.

It seems to me that with the ends tied together the discs would be more likely to not stay in as they would hit a wall of chain and bounce back.

This hopefully will fix that issue, the bounce back of frisbees really took away from the great scorers.

Where are you shooting from and what height is the frisbee leaving at that you havent had problems?

Depending on where we shoot from it is either a huge issue or nonexistent. From our ideal shot it is a huge problem and at least half bounce out. From full field or from closer than our proposed shot it doesn’t seem to be an issue.

If you are concerned that this might increase a problem with frisbees bouncing out I wonder if this is the GDCs attempt to slow down frisbees coming from robots.

We are shooting from behind the pyramid, next to it, and as you’ve seen from a video next to the feeder station. Maybe ours are staying in because we have(from what I can tell from other teams videos) more spin on our discs…

Spin could be the answer. Ours has a pretty absurd amount too though. is your behind the pyramid shot going above or below the first rung? Ours is below the first rung and below the second rung on the opposite side of the pyramid. This is with the shooter running at the full-court speed. If we dial it back it works much better.

This brings up a related question I had…

Has anyone constructed a regulation goal and measured the capacity? I imagine it’s pretty high, but I think some elim matches can have 30+ frisbees in the goal at once. Certainly at some point, frisbees will be rejected more frequently than an empty goal.

We are shooting the same as you height wise, We can’t run our shooter at full speed for up close shots, we only run about 50-60% for anything closer than half court.

Alright sounds like we’re on the same page then. Maybe this change will let us crank it up a bit now.

Our exit trajectory is really flat, so if we go to fast at close shots we over shoot. We are already in the works getting our chains to be connected. We will hopefully find out tonight what, if any, changes we need to make.

Can anyone clarify for me?

Did basically all they do is attach all the chain together at the bottom?

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at the lack of outrage at this game change, since it helps teams score more frisbess more easily. Despite the fact that many of the arguments against the HP change apply here. Namely, teams knew or should have know about the bounce problem, and several teams did account for this in their designs and tuning. So now the teams that were clever enough to not hurl point blank shots at warp speed have lost the advantage that their cleverness should have given them.

Yes, it’s not as sweeping a change as the HP ruling, but I’m getting the vibe that any change the GDC makes to make shooting easier is going to be hailed as an great improvement to the game. As opposed to the late season game change that it actually is.

I think the biggest difference is most people don’t see this as something being taken away from them. I think that was the main reason for the reactions (including mine) of the previous game change. I doubt many people thought that by having their discs not bounce out that it would be a direct advantage over other teams (as we don’t know that all the other teams didn’t also figure it out).

You are assuming this change was made because of the Frisbees falling out (which also still may be partially true). I actually think it has more to do with the chains swinging up and getting caught on the basket mounting bar where the goals are supported/weighed from (something we noticed happening on our official field). This addition will help prevent that, and will also likely help enable a more consistent match to match cycle time.

I did notice the chain bottoms tied together at Suffield. I dismissed it as a change because I had not studied the goals’ construction in detail. Later in the day I also noted numerous field resetters on stepladders as they straightened out the chains. I saw several disks bounce out on both HP shots and robot shots. I guess I favor the suppression of dislocated chains as the reason for the change. I don’t know if there was a net savings of reset time with the bottom-tied chains.

Doesn’t sound like it if they still had to fix them. Oh well.

Updated our chains, hasn’t effected our shots…