Team update 3

shows in the combined update link.

major points:
SEWN added to rope definition. should end the velcro controversy once and for all.
Drawing corrections
the link to Q126 in thte notes should point here instead:

edit: the single update 03 pdf is posted, but the main documents page still is linking to update 2.

Not too much here, mostly little changes.

Ranking Score, the total number of Ranking Points earned by a Team throughout their Qualification MATCHES divided by the number of MATCHES they’ve been scheduled to play (minus any surrogate MATCH)

I always preferred when it was a sum and not an average. This makes it much harder to figure out how many ranking points you need to get in a match to jump up to a certain seed, in exchange for making seeding more accurate throughout the competition. Probably for the best, just an observation.

Biggest update:

It looks like RP will now be avg RP per match, which just makes too much sense.

How would a gear ever find itself behind the alliance’s wall??? All additional gears start by the loading station (on the opposite side of the field).

If the human player moves a gear from the loading lane to the alliance station for the opposite alliance, it becomes the property of the other alliance. All that’s separating these is a piece of tape, so that’s not too hard of a scenario to imagine.

It seems to me like the ranking board will show both ranking points and ranking score. Ranking score will be nice because it will show you your (real) rank.

If it accidentally rolls out of the loading lane and into the alliance station.

Average Ranking Points! This would’ve saved 2 minutes of every list making meeting on friday nights of regionals. :]

Is everybody overlooking the fact that you can rope material can be SEWN?!

The advantage to having the RP be an average instead of a sum is that it makes it so teams don’t jump up and down depending on how many matches they have, giving a better understanding of the ranking of teams during an event.

Isn’t sewing just a fancy form of weaving?

they are technically different. you can make sewn things that look woven, but they are different. you could argue that one is a superset of the other.

I don’t think so.

Weaving is a method of making fabric.

Sewing is a method of joining two pieces of fabric, by means of a cord (thread) that is not part of either.

Or tying… or braiding… I’m wondering how much brainpower has been wasted on this. And how many better solutions could’ve been thought up had people not been stuck on velcro.

I think the climb would have been far more interesting of a challenge had we not been able to bring our own rope.

Hah. Stuck on. :smiley:

Had the GDC elected to provide a rope with a more reasonable diameter, I would be fine with everyone having to use the Field provided ropes. But as it stands, each of the Field ropes could hold the weight of every robot at the competition at once. I imagine we’ll see quite a few bots fail to climb this year cause their winch doesn’t have enough torque after their effective spool diameter goes from 1" to 4".

Field reset would have also been more of a challenge.

Getting some robots to spit the field rope back out after they’ve half-choked themselves on it will be interesting, and time consuming.

Does that mean the best RS average is 4.0?

Yep. But it’s like a GPA. Just keeps going down :slight_smile: